May 24, 2007

Coming Clean

I'm an addict..
I'm no druggy, nor close to being an alcoholic...
I'm addicted to Instant noodles~ *giggle*
Each person has their cravings for hot deep fried food, candy, chocolate bars and pizza as their sinful occasional dosage of junk in their tummies.
I have my instant noodles.
They're loaded with unhealthy deep fried egg noodles, laden with MSG, lots of salt and preservatives!.... and that's why I love them. I know I shouldn't, I'm such a bad girl ;) :P *grin*
They come in a wide range of flavours, dried condiments and so many different yummy oriental accents. From Thai tomyum's to Japanese Raymuns... I love them all! *faints* I sometimes blame their attractive packaging ... bright colours! I can't resist! *laughs*Regular instant noodles wrapped up in convenient plastic pockets are the "soup-ey" type noodles, where we boil the noodles in hot water and add in the flavouring sachet. But what if we want meat in it? and some leafy veges...or maybe to add a small twist of flavour with some fresh herbs? Throw it in while its bubbly on the stove top? Nah... here's a better way.
As recommended by the Lover of all Instant noodles; *I've had them all ;) *

1 packet of your favourite instant noodles
2 tbsp sesame oil
1/2-1 cup minced meat ( I used pork...but beef is good too)
vegetable/herbs of your choice ( I used basil) Su loves basil+pork :P
1 cup liquid stock ( if you only ave stock cubes; dilute 1 cube into a cup of hot water)
2 cloves garlic chopped

Cook the noodles over the stove in a small pot filled with boiling water. For how long?- check the back of the packet. Drain the noodles in a strainer and place in a large bowl.
In a pan, heat sesame oil on medium heat; throw in the garlic, minced meat and vegetable. Empty instant noodle sachets into the pan together with condiments. Increase flames and add in stock. Toss around for 3-4 minutes of till a thick sauce is formed.
Top noodles with delicious sauce.
Eat!Hint: If you served this to guests at dinner, nobody's going to be able to tell that it came from a packet! :P

  • I hope I don't get too many people hooked. It's such a bad thing... *sigh* but so are my cakes/pies/chocolates huh? *laughs* Su = evil *grin*


Miss Tiffie said...

I always add a gooey egg to my instant noodles :) YUM YUMMMM!!! I also like to snack on them dry.... straight from the packet

Anonymous said...

So intelligent!!! I think Korean Maggi Mee is a life saver! Everyone studies in AUS def love Korean Instant mee apart from an overdose on Indo Mee of cus!! Hahahaha

Anonymous said...

...remember the time we went into a Korean shop and you bought those Shin Ramyun in a cup? Up till that point I've never eaten one of them before, now I have at least 5 of them sitting in the pantry/office at one time.

You're definitely a bad influence :p


daphne said...

yes, i love shin too!! michie is right... overdose on indo mee.. haha.. i love your website! lots of great recipes! was wondering, if it's ok to sub filo pastry for your chicken pie?

Unknown said...

Have you tried the instant Mi Goreng that Woolworths usually has? I'm addicted to them.
But ooh, ooh. Could you recommend a decent instant ramen? I can make proper ramen but it takes forever and ever since I went to Japan I've had cravings. >.> I'm wary of buying the instant stuff because I hate to waste it, but if I don't like it...

Anonymous said...

Korean instant ramen is the best...

But if you've ever had fresh, you can tell the difference.

Unknown said...

Haha, I love Shin Ramyun :D

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

miss tifie: YEa..i do it when im not too lazy :P Love your blog ;) fun stuff

michie: havnt heard from u in a while! :) hows it going??

xx: sorry :P *evil laugh*

the girl: of course it is!! anything that floats your boat; my recipes are here for ppl to mess with them :P

nikki: instant meegoreng...indomee u mean? aaa.. for ramen...korean shinraymun kicks all asses :P
not sure if it;ll be authenthic like the real stuff though >.<

ian: of course...of course...notin like the fresh :)

sikander: dont we all ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Su Yin - great stuff! I'm a huge fan of Korean instant noodles and seeing this variation makes me want to get my hands on it soon. Btw, I noticed that your version is the soupy version (i.e. using the stock which you made) - just a question - wouldn't the soup taste rather bland since the seasoning has been used to cook with the meat?

Have u tried cooking/frying the noodles dry with the meat?

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

hey anonymous: this is actually a dry version of the no soup in it..just a tiny bit of broth with the cooked noodles. I used a "soup" type noodle...but didnt exactly use the packets instructions

Anonymous said...

I am going to try this tonight. Have you guys tried Nong Shim Neoguri Udon noodle soup, it is yummyyyy!! Its Seafood spicy.

Shin is of course the fav for those who love spicyyy.. its yumm. Back home in Malaysia, my family would buy Shin in a box - think about 24 packets, everyone love it - from a 70yo grandma to 7yo girl.