May 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Cara~

Shes one of the rare beauties I've been so lucky to be introduced to in my 4 years in Sydney.Not merely just easy on the eyes; but naturally sincere, intelligent and with a radiant personality to match. I've always thought she was pretty....but after I got to know her better; she blew me away. She's always so gorgeous! It's ridiculous! *laughs*

Have a great 21st Cara... I wish you well...Faiz is a lucky lil' **** ;)
Thanks for thinking of me for your birthday cake!

Brownies were so hard to make 'presentable' though! *laughs*
Cara loves brownies..and so does all her friends...but brownies aren't exactly attractive little cakes! *headache* :PI've always seen brownies as slices of bumpy chocolatey cakes almost crumbling at the touch of your fingertips. Well, any delicious brownie should be that way *wink*
They have a sugary crisp crust with moist and dense centers filled with rich chocolate aroma. I filled these with pecans... and unfortunately for many; I can't share the recipe for this one. It isn't mine to's a secret recipe from an aunt who was very generous to pass it down to lil ol' me.I can share photos though.....of those decadent brownies. I think I've put on at least 20 pounds just nicking at the crumbs, trying to get this mega chocolate stack to balance upright!*sigh* I wish I had more time to spend going to the gym...more important things to worry about at this point.
Catch ya later guys~

p.s: sorry if I haven't been replying your emails promptly...i'll get to them real soon; just have my hands tied at the moment. XX


Anonymous said...

Awesome cake! Mmm brownies! I especially love the detail in the bubbles - that would have taken a while to shape them, wouldn't it? And it would have taken me longer because I'd be eating them all! :P

Margie's Corner said...

your cake always look good and cute.
you're such a creative and talented girl..
can't wait to see ur next creative cake production.

ahbing said...

You need to remove the icing shower tab before reaching the brownies loh?

ashieBee said...

sooo adorable! good job! can't wait for MORE cakes. haishh, how i wished that you're in london...then can teach me how to do all that! hehehee!

takecare girl :) *hugs*

Liz :) said...

Wow! This looks absolutely amazing!!! :) So cute! :) You're indeed very talented!!!

Anonymous said...

Su, I want an Australian boyfriend plis. Cari okeh? MUAX!

e said...

oh wow. What a great find! I love your blog and all the pretty pics of food.

Thank you for sharing!!


Patricia Scarpin said...

This is spectacular!

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

katie: It took so much to restrain myself! haha the drive there almost killed me..i had to hold it beneath my nose for 20 whole minutes!!

margerets: aww thanks:) might just be that im good wiht the camera :P LOL

jian: need not worry; it didnt have soap in it! *laughs* :P

rashidah: thanks! haha...ty take care too~

liz: Hows your cooking coming along?! :)

flutterby: buntut gatal :P hahaHA!

e: thanks for your kind comments. Glad my recipes are helpful to many

patricia: :) ty

Anonymous said...

Your creations are truly amazing!

Anonymous said...

wow i love the cake! it is way too cute. :)

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

thanks jacky and susan :)