February 15, 2007

Love was in the air~....we took shelter indoors

Valentines day...the day couples flood the streets hand in hand, exchange gifts and express love in everyway possible. For those flying solo on this particular day....all that 'love'-hype' can get a little depressing.
Instead of dwelling in our loneliness at home; we organized a small get-together. I volunteered to cook a simple meal for all...and the deal was that they'd bring booze and dessert~. We gathered 10 happy singles ready for some entertainment.The menu was simple; seasoned round steak/garlic roasted chicken thighs served with cheesy mash potatoes, a thick baguette slice and salad on the side. I made a leafy salad with crispy beef bacon bits and herbed feta cubes; dressed in balsamic vinaigrette.
Here's an idea for all mash lovers. Add in 1/2 inch cubes of fresh mozzarella and stir well while mash is piping hot! you get chunks of gooey cheese in between...oh god...so good...*wipes drool*
I was worried that there wouldn't be enough to eat; should I make an impromptu dessert? or roast a couple more chicken thighs?... lucky for me...there were a couple of 'no-shows'. *phew*
Guests arrived an hour and a half late; as expected...*shakes head in disappointment* but at least they were generous with wine, carbonated drinks and a lovely apple strudel~

I kept the food warm in the oven over very low heat. I was risking overheating the beef. I needed the steak pieces staying medium rare, delicious and tender. Considering how raw Australian beef cuts are priced here in Malaysia; I was highly pressured to cook it to perfection! I spent about RM180 on the entire meal for 11; pretty tight budget, but squeezed a pretty good dinner out of it nonetheless. The laughter and smiles made it worth the time and trouble. I just love feeding people~*happy grin*

I wish we could have stayed on longer to hang out and chat, but my lil' beautiful girlfriends had another agenda waiting down town. It was "Mambo Jambo"; retro night at Velvet underground (Zouk)! The place was packed, music was real good, drinks flowed well and there were a pair of sexy cupids giving out Herseys KISSES! Who can resist a fit, scantily clad, fluffy winged angel giving out CHOCoLATE!

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