January 11, 2007

The Birthday of a very special person...

She's always been a step ahead of me, born a year before I was, had higher grades in academics, a rank higher in placement, stronger and faster in sport, more creative and impressive at art.....but despite how quickly success and achievements carry her forward all these years, she has always took the time to turn around; check on her lil' sis, pat me on the head and offer a hand to guide me along.She's my inspiration...my role model..and everything I've ever wanted to be. Thanks Jie(sis) for setting such high standards for me to compete with. For paving the path ahead for us both..and for always looking out for me. For giving me a push when I needed it, and for holding me back when I charged aimlessly like a wild bull. I never understood...I never realized it was "for" me;not "at" me. I'm finally able to appreciate the many sacrifices you've made... but don't assume I'm never going to pick another fight with you again *evil grin*. You can be ridiculously difficult sometimes *Bonk's jie on head*!~

Happy Birthday Jie...Have A HAPPY HAPPY birthday! Have a HAPPY HAPPY everyTHING really... :) cause that's all I want for you...and its exactly what you deserve. I hope it means something to you when I say "I have your back"(a little less capable..but still willing *wink*)...I want to be the sister you are to me.
Here's sis's favorite dessert. We used to have these "custards" (we call them) with our lunch at hawker stalls in Oldtown Ipoh. I played around with a couple of recipes. Found this one...which I added a little Irish cream to; turned out devilishly delicious~ I'll make it for her when I'm in Singapore next week *jUmps ArouNd* YAY~

*ps: THIS blog(journal) of mine was initially my sister's brilliant idea...those who love what I do should thank her for her ingenious suggestion of a "cooking blog" hehe :)Caramel Cream Custard + a naughty hint of Irish cream liquor

95 gms castor sugar + 3 tbsps water (cooked over low heat, stir continuously till a thick golden consistency is formed)

250 ml full cream milk
50 ml irish cream liquor (I used Baileys)
3 large eggs
40 gms castor sugar
Beat eggs and sugar in a large mixing bowl till light and fluffy. Add in liquids and stir well to combine.
Preheat oven to 170 degrees and warm metal pudding moulds in the oven as you work with caramel on the stove. When ready, place hot moulds in a large baking tray and divide Caramel mixture evenly into 4 100ml capacity moulds (my photographs were taken of one I made in a shallow heart shaped mould just to suit the occasion ;). Pour custard mixture to top up moulds and pour 1 inch of hot water into the baking tray before returning it into the oven. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until custard has set. Leave to cool and chill in the refrigerator till firm. UNmould upside down only serving platters. Caramel should run down the sides like a stream of delicious golden sauce.


Anonymous said...

Thanks BOO! I LOVE YOU!!! heehee i haven't eaten...just woke up...and for some silly reason i go to a food blog...haha serves me right, i'm damn hungry now. haha I just wanna say thank u for being urself and everything that u are. thanks for being the best lil' sis in the world. love you, and i'm so proud of you. *muacks* ((hugs)) can't wait till you're down here...i can smell the aroma from that's gonna come from the kitchen already..........

Anonymous said...

wow very nice~ i love pancakes but i'd rather ice-cream sometimes...

Anonymous said...

Hello,have been visiting your foodblog often cos the recipes works well, and can see u put in lotsa effort!

it's so sweet of ya to have written a post on your sis :)

Anonymous said...

Hey.. I found your blog by accident.. I'm tempted to try out some of your recipes.. 'Nyway, keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Hi SuYin,

Are you still alive? :)
You haven't posted for a while.
I am just checking out.
By the way, I saw cookingismypassion won the prize in menu for hope.
Isn't that you? :)

Congratulations! You are the lucky girl. ;)

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

hAaa...LOL it isnt a pancake dear anonymous... :o, hehe probably a slip of the tongue.*finger* hehe

Im happy the recipes have been working well for eveyrone..im not the type to "lie" about my ingredients or proportions..the blog posts are for everyone to try and join me as I learn and experience new ingredients in the kitchen.

fieza: Aww thanks fieza :)...its bits of encouragement from eveyrone that keep me going.

sue: IM ALIVE!!! OH GOD!! WOW TETSUYA"S OH YEAH!HHHHHH!!! *gets excited* hehe...im trying real hard to blog soon..but I dont have a functioning kitchen yet..>.< hehe. Im still in singapore..but I'll be cooking more when I return to Ipoh..It's chinese new year soon...and cookies and cakes shall be blooming from my oven ;)

Anonymous said...

hey there... i'd love to try out this recipe but i can't take alcohol cause i'll get rashes all over.. :( could i just leave out the irish cream or do i have to substitute it with something else?

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

helen: thanks! i cant wait to be back in Sydney to claim my prize! hehe

jill: substitute the same amount with milk :) should work fine.

Anonymous said...

Thank you sooo much. I love the texture...smooth. I have made creme caramel before but it has trapped air bubbles in it. Don't really like that. But I made without the Irish cream(don't have it) so it kinda tasted a lil eggy. I don't really mind though but maybe I'd add vanilla essence next time. Thank you soooo much! I wish I can cook and bake like you. It's sooo cool!