January 18, 2007

A week of not blogging...

*sigh*...the problem is..I havn't been cooking...*guilty*
Hehe..thanks for the emails and messages from sweet readers who have been wondering if I'm okay...I'm great...just been away from the kitchen..currently in Singapore helping sis move to her new place, and when thats out of the way, I'll have a new kitchen to play in *wink*
Oh~ Look what I found while shopping in Bugis Junction Singapore~ COOL mechanical pencils!! With bowls of noodles on top!! How cute can you get~ *giggle*I've also been getting many msn messages from friends in Sydney...everyone's wondering who I'll be bringing to Tetsuya's dinner for 2! *my blog (cookingismypassion) won the raffle draw on Menu for Hope charity drive. *gets excited* I'm still speechless at the thought of it...It was so unexpected...I've never won a raffle/lucky draw/prize of aNY SORT in my LIFE! WOW! My Lucky stars decided it was my turn to have something nice ;). Well...I'll be receiving the voucher in the mail this week...but havn't decided who I'll be taking......heeee...I'm having a hard time deciding.
On a completely different note; Here's a big thank you to my bestest friend "Yan" for this very sweet gift..It couldn't be more perfect. I do love cooking more than anything :) plus Red t-shirts are my favourite *HUGS*


Anonymous said...

Hey Su-Yin,
my friend came across your blog and told me bout it.
i've grown interest in baking recently, and if you dont mind, do you mind leaving me ur email address, as i have alot of questions to ask :(

thanks in advance



Please!Please dun do it again...please dun stay away from blogging for a week and torture us. I was almost on the verge of suicide....not that I miss you, I miss your food photos ~cheeky smile~

flutterby said...

Love your hair ;)


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the Tetsuya win! Enjoy yourself loads and blog blog blog about it haha! :)

Anonymous said...

aww im jealous that you won tetsuyas! but dude youre gonna have an awesome time and whatever you do dont eat lunch! hey any chance youll still be in singapore late feb?

Anonymous said...

I do hope you enjoy dinner at Tetsuya . Take tons of photos then show us and tell us everything you ate. Exciting!

skindleshanks said...

This is the best food blog I've ever seen--you rock!

Brilynn said...

That's the best shirt ever!
And I'm infinitely jealous about your upcoming dinner.

Shahrzad said...

hi there,

Welcome back dear friend. Your t-shirt goes well with you.*HUG*
Wish you the best.


tigerfish said...

those pencils are so cute...i want to get bac when i'm bac in s'pore...;p

Mizore said...

I, for one have never understood how anyone could like cooking.

It is alot of hard work; it certainly messes up the kitchen; and if you're lucky, someone will complement the food.

And in the end.. there's dishes to wash waiting at the end of the meal.

Though after reading your blog, I'm starting to get it.

Just a bit :)