October 27, 2006

having hardly any time to breathe

for those having a great lazy weekend.... Good on you! *envious eyes*
*laughs* sorry for being behind on my blogging...be certain that after saturday, long "daily" runs of posts should be popping up considering how I've been cooking lots...but hav'nt been blogging at all!
Here's a little activity to keep everyone occupied while I run through the storm in my kitchen. Flour, sugar and eggs have been the only things on my mind the past couple of days.
Anyhoo...here are several photos I've randomly snapped for everyone to have a guess at what I've been up to in my kitchen lately. I shall speak more about them in my upcoming posts.


Lex said...

Hey, lemme guess... it's engagement party u catering for? Good luck woman...

Robyn said...

Some good cooking going on there! Hey, you don't need to apologise for not blogging - you're busy enough as it is. Hope you have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...


You sure have been busy! :)

Good luck with all the cooking, and your exam as well!

bejewelled* said...

oh well, lemme guess...
pic 1: char koay teow?
pic 2: vanilla filling for a chocolate cake?
pic 3: chocolate frosting or bean paste? can't make out of it...
pic 4: star anise wif icing sugar plus grounded nuts?
pic 5: ingredients for wantan!
pic 6: it says lychee..for some sort of dessert i suppose...
pic 7: i really dont know this one...soup?
pic 8: su yin's wonderful work place! the cake sitting on the chair looks like it was gonna fall...dangerous!
pic 9: frosting the engagement cake?
pic 10: voila! lovely engagement cake?
pic 11: another wonderful creation with cherries and cocoa powder...what cake is this anyway?
pic 12: omelette?

really impressed with all your creations and out of this world ideas...here's a pat on the back! :o)

thanh7580 said...

The chocolate pudding type thing looks good.

Also I see you have done your friends engagement cake I guess since the cake is fruit cake and decorated with white cream.

liss said...

the things you whip up are truly amazing. keep it up!

laureen said...

hey Su-Yin,

Great photos! Wow you sure have had a busy week.

I just came across your post on polenta. Did you find them at the local supermarket? I'm having trouble locating them. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The last picture looks like korean pancake...

Busy is good and good luck in your exam.

Anonymous said...

Everything looks delicious and so good to eat! Yeah first one looked like kway teow for sure! I wished yr in SG, becus somehow I dun really cooking food I cook ... hehehe the cake looks beautiful!! I love frosting!! ...esp cream cheese frosting on carrot cake, but mine also turn out very liquidified.. do u know how to make it solid firm like those they sell in shops? Do reply when yr free... meanwhile take care babe! and Good luck for examz!! =)

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

lex: nahh i was engagement party..and catering a sperate 21st...and friends 21st cake at ngiht and a cake order in the afternoon ;) hahaha

robyn: I'm glad its over now ;) haha I have more time for my dear blog <3

white polar: Haha thanks heaps :) Exams didn't go too well :( unfortunately LOL...but its k, its only 6%

bejewelled: WoW! haha good guessing list! hahaha almost all right, but not to the dot, you'll see them pop up soon in the coming days.

thanh: It wasnt exactly a fruit cake, it was orange chocolate chip and iced with buttercream

liss: thanks for the thoughtful encouragement, it's comments like these which make me feel blogging and hours in the kitchen is worth my time. LOL

thecoffeesnob: Hmmm i get them from my local supermarket, try a deli if youre in southeast asia.. Try a european import deli :)

anonymous: that is right ;) Haha

michie: heya~ I think most of the time our frostings are too runny because we hang back on the sugar proportions. It cna be very scary when you follow recipes to the dot and halfway through i often think "I dont think i need THAT much sugar" hahaha...If you're still keen on make a soldi fluffy frosting, try diluting a tsp or 2 gelatin leaves, powder into a couple drops of hot water and beating it with the frosting. It would keep it firm. I use that with whipped cream quite often when I layer cakes.

Anonymous said...

You're truely an awesome lady! your friends are very lucky to have met you in real life. But im lucky enough to have bumped into your blog. Keep up the good work. Have you considered opening a shop? Or a small business? Im sure it will be a success. You're really good! Passion driven! God must have spent a little more time on you;)

Anonymous said...

Oh cool thanx loads babe! Yeah whenever i follor recipes, I have to reduce the sugar like most pple do cus its just scary to use soooo much sugar manz!!! Im going to try it out and let u know how i did when da time comes round, hehehe.