October 29, 2006

Happy 21st DYLan Ma'dehy' ;)

It was Dylans 21st celebration last night where 30+ friends and family gathered to wish him well and get pissed at the Blackbird; Darling harbor! I hopped over to help celebrate, with a cake....naturally...*laughs*.It's been years at Uni now since we've first gotten acquainted and Dylan has always been my role model in class. I am envious and often joke about his larger than ordinary "brain". Don't get it wrong though, he's far from a nerd, a geek or any weird being of the sort! He's a champion in class, in sport and has natural flair with people skills! He once said to me: "The cool and cheeky smart Kid in school" and in my opinion, it describes Dylan perfectly! I appreciate the many shared Uni memories with dylan; of last minute assignment, cramming of exams, gossip sessions, lunch breaks, dylan= the teacher + su=the slow idiot kid sessions with measurement work and afternoon beer sessions at the "round-y". Dylan rarely ever cracks random jokes...in fact...i think it's NEVER;....it's amusing how he's entertaining nonetheless! Haha. He's sensible, intelligent, impressive and charming. He once went out of his way to be my knight in shining armor as I clutched my stomach in pain and was unable to walk home on my own. It was very thoughtful of him, and it was one of those days where I really needed a friend and a 'hero'. *laughs* Significant and momentous events or conversations such as these stay put in my memories of life in Sydney forever.
I made a compilation of all things "Dylan" as the a birthday gift from me. A classmate exclaimed "The cricket helmet looks like a construction safety helmet!".....it IS a safety helmet my darling...*laughs* hahaha...i doubt cricket stumps are really made of beer as well ;). They wanted him to skull the 3 stumps but I wasn't there to watch if that happened or not! Haha.
A special thanks to Faiz-y for painfully finding out DYlan's favorite beer for me *hugs*.
Dylan was delighted when he saw his cake and I received many nods + "COol-aszz cake SU!" from the aussie's at the party. I felt like a moviestar as I walked up to the restaurant with the cake in hand as passer-by's oggled the cake.


Robyn said...

That's one hella showstopper cake, Su-Yin! You deserve all the praise you get. Dylan sure is lucky, hehe. Happy Birthday to him!

Lex said...

What can I say? Woman, no no you are superwoman.. and why are all Dylan's so cute and smart and charming? hehehe... nice one!

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

robyn: Lol thanks :)

artizen flair: WOw...I need to gather acouple of pointers from you on flair with words...LOL Your comment gave me a heart warming "awwwww" *blush*

lex: Haha thanks lex, you know other cute dylans too? :P