July 19, 2006

A yucky Shade of Green....

Monthly Mingle theme in July: Beat The Heat!
I still remember the first time my Mom made these at home; dad was excited, sister was delighted and I on the other hand had a different thought in my head; *EWWwww*!
Green Ice CREAM?!
Nope; it isn't Mint.....it isn't Green Tea either....Lime? Neither of those....it was avocado! I wasn't much of a fan of the mushy bright green avocado, but the idea of having ice-cream in it seemed less revolting and as a chubby little girl; I couldn't possibly pass off the chance to have ICe CReam could I?
It probably sounds extremely strange to those who aren't familiar with Indonesian/South East Asian cuisine, but from my experience with adventurous food, it's certainly one of those "Must-try" dessert combinations. I've grown to love and appreciate the taste of fresh avocados through the years;... only when its blended with ice cream of course *wink* LOL.
Mom and dad bought a ton of avocados in Sydney; and flew off without eating them! I knew there was only one thing I could do with them....*heads off to buy a tub of creamy vanilla ice cream*
4 large scoops ice cream
2 avocados (flesh only) - cut in half, remove seed and scoop flesh out with a spoon
1 tbsp full cream milk

Pulse these 3 ingredients in a blender till smooth and combined. Be careful not to blend it too much or it turns out too runny. The thicker; the yummier! Cover will cling wrap and keep chilled in the freezer till needed.
2 tbsp's white sugar
2 tbsp palm sugar
1 tbsp mocha coffee powder
3 tbsp's water
Dilute syrup ingredients in the microwave under high for 50 seconds, stirring occasionally till dark and glossy. Leave to cool. The syrup can be made a couple of hours or a day ahead and stored in the fridge.
Spoon avocado mixture into glasses/bowls of your choice and drizzle the syrup in slowly. Serve with a little extra syrup in a separate bowl for those who like their desserts sweet, and stick a spoon in each glass to scoop/stir as you eat!

On a non-food related topic;
Our family trip to the snowy mountains a week ago was unforgettable! It was my first experience with snow and I was lucky enough to have a full day of snowfall! We woke up in the morning and saw gentle snowflakes falling outside the window. Amrit and I were so thrilled! Amrit couldn't help but squeal! It felt like Christmas in the movies! Haha. We probably looked like idiots running into the snow and getting all jumpy about it, but experiencing something new for the first time always makes it more exciting! The locals must have looked at both of us and thought; "*ppft, it's just snow!" We stayed at The Lodge at Smiggins Holes in Perisher Blue and the place was fantastic! Great food, warm hospitality and the people were very accommodating and friendly. We had a little 'mess-up' trying to get there from the foothill; *blush* but Paul and Lisa from the Lodge were very helpful and forgiving! Haha.On our last day at The Lodge, I was lucky enough to watch a couple of handsome young lads practice snowboard flips on a makeshift playground right outside the hotel. Their names were AJ and Tom if im not mistaken. I also got to meet the friendly young chef from Newtown, Sydney who created our fabulous dinners throughout the weekend! I had tons of fun Skiing, haivng snow fights and making tiny little snowmen! I'm going to try to do this every winter! *grin* can't wait! This time...I'm ditching the skis and going for the boards.


Anonymous said...

I really looked tired out with the picture with you. what happened to the ones pa took of you sking down the slope.

Anonymous said...

by the way you can serve the advocado as a drink like in vetniam. the blend the advocado with ice and condense milk

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

haha we were all tired mom.I didn't add the video of myself skiing, file size was too large

boo_licious said...

Hey, I love the avocado drink too as it's found in Indonesian restaurants here in KL. It's called Alpokat. Looks like a very good holiday you had and congrats on the new camera.

diddy said...

wow! I've never thought of using avocados in ice cream. I usually reserve my avocado for chips or pita as a dip! I love your blog! visit mine sometimes at wokwithme.blogspot.com

Cuisine Paradise said...

Hi Suyin... Can i check with you.. where do you get those nice oldies songs for your video clips... May i know the CD title or the song title.. cos my son loves the music so much..esp the one in the Lava Cake.... Thanks...

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

boo_licious: thanks for the name of the drink.....I was trying real hard to give it one! haha, my camera is great, loving it!

diddy: The dessert is really a South East Asian thing...most people from Indonesia and Phillipines are fairly accustomed to it. I'll check out your blog for sure :).

ellena:hey!...Lol My parents influence on music has always made me love oldies. The funky retro beats are timeless!! haha...the Lava cake song would be by : Temptations; Title: Sugar Pie,Honey Bunch

Cuisine Paradise said...

Thanks Suyin.... :)