July 21, 2006

'Safari Night' with Alison's 21st

A Happy Happy Birthday to ALison, who's turning 21 in a couple of days. It was an awesome party at the White Horse at Surry Hills. Food was fabulous, guests were beautiful and friendly, drinks flowed well and the chocolate fountain was to-DIe-For!! I wish I had a good picture of it. Everytime I went closer to snap a photo, I end up forgetting what I was doing and reaching for a stick to poke at a strawberry/ marshmallow! *blush* LOL. The Greeed for Chocolate!! It's sinful!!
I hope she likes this little cake I made for her. It's not much compared to her huge amazing safari-key cake! My teeny weeny cake probably wont be much too eat; but at least it's pretty to look at! *shrug*. I always believe in making gifts more than buying them.
The party room was decorated in the "Safari" theme with balloons, stuffed toys! and table decor to match. The balloons were tied down by Ali's own personal stuffed animals and they were absolutely ADORABLE! Here's my favourite...I had a good laugh!
Most guests came in dressed safari-ish; animal print frocks, safari gaming costumes, hats, scarves, tiger print kitten heels, binoculars, fishing hats?! LOL and even one with a monkey hanging around his neck! It was heaps of fun; CHeers to Ali and her fellow organizers who did an amazing job!I wonder what I should do for my 21st.....hmm.....*goes into deep thought* Ideas anyone??
The cake was orange and chocolate chip covered in royal icing and sugar paste for the fiddly bits. I used a mini cake tin and had scraps of extra cake batter. My housemates were overjoyed....yummy little blueberry and orange cupcakes for everyone!
I covered the cakes with spoonfuls of blueberry jam and stuck fresh fruits on top with a squeeze of royal icing. They dissapeared within the hour!


Liz :) said...

Oh Wow!!! That is so pretty!!! :) Love it! :)

Edith said...

you are always so good with the sugar paste crafting. Lots to learn from you.

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

thanks liz and precious moments...i had fun designing it

Anonymous said...

the cake was yummm....we all ate it when we got back! i only had a tiny piece tho...scared fat!

Jen said...

What are you talking about, your cake looks awesome and I bet it was just as tasty.
Are you sure you aren't planning on starting your own bakery?

Anonymous said...

looks awesome! how'd u make the butterflies? =)


Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

lingling: hehe...you're far from fat dear...dont worry! haha; there was tons of chocolate drippings on the cake as it was right below the chocolate fountain! Must have made it yummier :P *lick* hehe

Jenjen: thanks! haha nah...maybe not so soon...but I'm open for small requests/orders if anyone's interested. LOL

carrots: I used a small butterfly print embosser on sugar paste and lightly smeared it pink all around.

Anonymous said...

how did u make the red roses??

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

hey charlene...i made the roses by rolling up bits of store bought red sugar paste. the spirals on top formed tiny roses. Theyre a fast and simple way to do flowers! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi. I stumbled upon your blog. I love the cakes that u made. I was wondering if you would like the share the recipe for blueberry and orange cupcakes and blueberries on white choc? Leave a mssg on my blog if you can. I'll try to make them this sunday for a bday dinner.

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

Hey Zita...
here's the recipe for the orange cupcakes
and the royal icing recipe can be found on my blog under "decorating cakes and cookies"
Assemble the fruits on the top with blueberries and mandarin slices.
The blueberries and white chocolate cupcake recipe can be found here under the comments list;
substitute the dark chocolate for white and omit the cocoa powder.
Hope that helps :)

Anonymous said...

u have magic fingers,i didnt know it was possible to make cakes this pretty!