June 21, 2006

Grilled Lamb Chops

After many long days of not being able to make a decent meal; I gave myself a day off from studying to make a batch of 'something-sweet' and a proper dinner to match. I baked a tray of yummy mango cupcakes this afternoon and moved straight on to preparing dinner! I recall my mind whispering to me as I made my way home from the exam hall: "Get home quick!! Time to cook like MAD!" and that is exactly what I did the minute I took my shoes off! It's funny how I never get tired of cooking; it's probably still the only thing which easily gets me up at 7am in the morning. I remember cold mornings of pastry making but not rainy days of walking to early classes at Uni!
Here's what I've marinated the chops in;
Hot English mustard
Moroccan Zest spices
Cracked Black Pepper
Fresh garlic mince
Dashes of Tarragon (I would have used Rosemary if I still had some)
Olive oil to coat
*(try to leave the pieces of meat in the marinade for at least 4-5 hours or overnight if you can).
I popped the chops under the grill just before dinner time and slotted in several asparagus spears sprinkled with sea salt, lemon juice, oregano and chili flakes.
As a side dish, I made a bowl of mash potatoes and spooned them into ramekins. I covered the mash with handfuls of mozzarella, sprinkle of oregano, tbsp of milk each and slid them under the grill with the meat and veg. (I usually use milk instead of cream at home; just for health reasons. Cream always tastes better though *hint*)
Approximate timing under the grill;
Meat: It really depends on the thickness of your slab of meat. I usually pierce the meat on its thickest section when it's browned and crisp on the outside; and if the liquid runs out clear, its done. If the liquid is still red, I lower the grill heat or serve it out medium rare. We usually like our meats well-done in this house.
Asparagus: 15 minutes
Mash and cheese: 10-15 minutes (until cheese is melted and bubbly)

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