June 21, 2006

Mango Cupcakes

Baking and frosting cupcakes with me in my kitchen!
With my bland writing and vocabulary; watching me bake delicious cupcakes will probably be more interesting than just reading about it. Here's a video I put together right after I came running home from my exams this morning.

4oz softened butter
4oz castor sugar
3 large eggs
4 oz ground almond meal
2oz self raising flour + 2 tbsp flour to dust muffin pan
1 small tin mango flesh diced
200 g cream cheese softened
3/4 cup sifted icing sugar
fruits for garnish
Cream butter and sugar till light and fluffy. Add in eggs alternately with almond meal and beat till smooth. gently fold in flour and diced mango pieces (save 2 tbsp's of mango for frosting). Spoon into greased and dusted muffin pan. Bake in preheated 180 degree oven for 20-25 minutes or until skewer comes out clean. Remove from muffin tray and set aside to cool.
Frosting: Beat cream cheese with 2 tbsp diced mango pieces until fluffy and smooth. Gradually add in icing sugar 1 tbsp at a time and beat till creamy and well combined.
Top cupcakes with delicious icing and fresh fruits!P.s: I'm guessing probably a couple of you out there might think the song is a little lame and annoying :P, but my camera doesn't have an audio function and I couldn't find any background music to match. I went on my trusty Google search page and typed in "Mango Song"; and found "The Mango Song- by the Barefoot man" It's strange, corny, not my type of music, but I like it anyway....makes me laugh! Haha


swee said...

the muffins look great!! and the video is cool!

Anonymous said...

yet again u have outdone urself, came back home straight after ur paper and whipped these delicious muffins up in no time...btw fantastic choice of music *wink*....

Su-Yin said...

thanks swee
...its something different..just wondering how people would react to it! experimenting with blog styles! LOL

Su-Yin said...

anonymous = ying/laura??
My paper went well! better than I expected. I hurried home right after I finished my paper! Couldn't think of anything else I wanted to do!
2 more papers next week though...need to start preparing for them tonight! *sob*

BoLA said...

OH MY GOSH! The video and song is WAY GREAT! Love it! And I love mangos... definitely would love to try your recipe one day. Make more videos! (I may have to try that too!)

cyan said...

cupcakes look yummy and love the video presentation style! Really nice!

Su-Yin said...

thanks bola and cyan....i'm glad people are enjoying the funny lil clip! :)

Jacelyn said...

lol...that's a really cute video. =)

Jacelyn said...

Hi suyin, me again. Hee, btw, can I skip the almond meal? Do I need to replace with same amt of flour?

Su-Yin said...

hey jacelyn...thanks.I'm not sure if that would work. The almond meal is what makes the cake dense and moist. If you replace if with self raising flour it might be too dry and crumbly. If you cant find almond meal, you can always buy blanched almonds and grind them at home if you have a grinder/blender. But it shouldn't be difficult to find them from any local supermarket.
However if you want another suggestion, pick your favourite vanilla cake recipe and add chopped mangoes in + a couple tbsps of the syrup from the can and reduce the amount of sugar by a little. Skim off a little of the milk proportions as well. This is how I usually derive my different unique cake flavours. It's more fun discovering new recipes on your own.

mom said...

How it is that I CANNOT HEAR THE BACK GROUND MUSIC? Lovely cakes and video. PA WANTS TO PUTTY-YET-TAM after seei ng you in the video. Love you. make me these cupcakes when we arrive .

Anonymous said...

blame it on this stupid country i'm in, der's no way i can find icing sugar here ='( i've tried different self-created substitutes for different frosting recipes but all went down the trash. =( any help you can offer? =S (btw, blending sugar into powder finer than sand does NOT do the trick)


Su-Yin said...

mom....try plugging your speakers in ;) hahaha
carrots: Why don't you think grinding regular sugar helps? Do you still find the icing grainy in texture? sometimes its the tecnique in making the icing and not the inrgedient. I've tried grinding castor sugar into a powder and using that before...and it turns out alright. Icing sugar mixtures can sometimes be too coarse as well; it depends on the brand you buy.

tfp said...

Saw the pic at DMBLGIT at grabyourfork and just felt I had to tell you: I think your cakes look gorgeous! :-D

Su-Yin said...

aww tfp, that's really sweet of you...im flattered :)

mariya said...

i came across yr blog while googling for mango cupcakes. and they look GORGEOUS. i'm thinking of making it for a friend's birthday. if i do, i'll update you!

Su-Yin said...

hey mariya, thanks for the compliment. Will be looking forward to hearing about how they turned out

Anonymous said...

Hello Su Yin

I came across your blog from other food blogs. And I've tried your recipe on the cream cheese icing on my blueberry cake. It was delicious. Thanks for posting it up.

Now I have some other food bloggers who are requesting for the recipe. Therefore, is it okay with you if I post it on the food forum which I am in currently?

Await for your response. Thanks a million


Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

Hi May :) thats fine... I would request for a link to my blog on your post if thats okay.
It'll be good if the recipe is referenced.

thanks for your kind comments.

Anonymous said...

Hello Su-Yin,

Thanks a million. Sure no problem. Will post your blog there too...


Sarah said...

Hi suyin,

I think your blog's great. I love visiting to see new recipes and the wonderful cake frostings and designs!

Just wondering, I don't eat cheese, can I use something else for the frosting? Is it then just icing sugar?

Anonymous said...

Hi Su Yin,
Loveyly blog you have & considerate of you to share, have been following your blog since last 2 month & love it. TQ. Would like to ask, is almond meal same as ground almond as I can only find ground almond here. Thank alot.


I've tried baking em' myself and its YUMMY!! Thanks Suyin!!
Ps. Good luck with baking school(^_^)

themadhatterdoll said...

These look so yummy!
I think I will make these for my friend's birthday! :D

I looked through the rest of your blog, and I think you have inspired me into becoming a cake decorator!

I mean, I'm currently majoring in ar at my university and I love love love baking. I also love making cute & pretty things.

How does one become a cake decorator?

themadhatterdoll said...

Hee~ It's the guy I likes birthday today and I made him some of these. I couldn't find superfine sugar so I substituted with normal. My mom said they were good; I'm to nervous to try them. My pastry bag tip was too small. I topped them with strawberries, pinapple, and banana. (I bought a peach but stupid walmart's peaches looked like it had been frozen and thawed when I cut into it and it tasted terrible.) Publix has better tasting strawberries but it was closed. (crycry)

Oh well, I'm going to go dry my hair and head to class with his present.

Wish me luck! :]

Anonymous said...

Hello, your blog is great! I've been wondering (and I would understand if you don't want to share) but, how did you manage to cute the strawberries in such a pretty way? I've tried looking online, but not luck :( so it would be great if you can explain how you did it, if not, no worries ^_^ Again, great blog, I enjoy reading your entries