May 27, 2006

Almond+White Chocolate Pancakes

These were absolutely DIVINE! Indulgent, nutty and delectable! I dug up a few items in the pantry early this morning to search for little bits and pieces to add to my pancakes. Almonds seemed like a good idea. It came out undenyingly delicious! If there is a pancake recipe of mine you would like to try. This is your winner!! Link here for my basic ricotta pancake recipe. Leave out the cinnamon and add a handful of white chocolate chips and toasted blanched almond flakes to the batter.
For the almond crumble mixture, Heat 1 tbsp golden syrup with 1 cup of castor sugar and 1/2 cup almond flakes on low heat. Stir to combine and remove from heat as soon as mixture turns golden and crumbly.
Layer cooked pancakes with crumble mixture and top with a light drizzle of maple syrup! Serve hot!

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