April 7, 2006

Stacks for breakfast

Its never too early in the morning to whip up warm and delicious hotcakes for my housemates and i. Everyone had to run off before 8.30 am this morning, so i decided to make everyone a stack of adorable tiny ricotta pancakes covered in a the same berry compote i used on my tarts the night before..... I also added a little squeeze of sticky sweet golden syrup on top of each stack!. The pancakes turned out really well, they were light and airy and were relatively easy to make. Recipe: 100g plain flour, 2 eggs seperated, 250g ricotta cheese, 125 ml milk, pinch of salt, dash of ground cinnamon and 1 tsp baking powder...mix all the ingredients leaving out the egg whites until it turns to a smooth batter....beat the egg whites until foamy and gently add in....pan fry with a little butter/groundnut oil ( i made mine on a non stick pan..so i didnt need the oil/butter)
-recipe from Nigella Lawson's "Forever Summer"( i made a few alterations of my own)


Anonymous said...

hi, i m the one who tried the South curry dish. Just call me Ramsis. Last Friday tried your ricotta pancake and it turns out great!TQ for the wonderful recipe.
Today gonna try yr chocolate chip cookies.
Wat will be plain pancake recipe like since my daughter doesnt like the cheesy taste?

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

Hi Ramsis..great to hear that you;ve been giving the recipes a go.
Hmm...plain pancake recipe..
I'll try to dig one up soon :).
Will have a post about it in the near future for those who prefer non-ricotta pancakes :)

Lex said...

the ricotta cheese rite.. how do u blend in uh? obviously you cant shred it.. how u mix em in?

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

i use a balloon whisk. ricotta is soft and mushy. Quite like cottage cheese. It can be a little grainy at times, so it's good to pass it thru a fine sieve before using it.

Sandy said...

Hi there! Got recommended your blog from someone or other, and I'm starving reading it! I'm from Perth, and moved to Sydney for 2 years for uni (USyd) - but we never ate as well as you do! ;)

Anyways, a question about the egg whites. Just foamy, like bubbles, or peaks?

Oh, and no butter in the non-stick pan - didn't it burn? (Obviously not, but nothing on a non-stick pan has never worked for me...).

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

sandy: Heya, nice to hear from you, haha I'm glad youre giving this recipe a go. Erm...peaks...soft peaks, not too stiff.
Nonstick teflon pans are my favourite things! haha Try hunting for a good brand on sale wiht a thick base. It's hard to keep teflons working well; read the ninstructions really well and dont forget never to use metal/sharp objects wiht your pan. It's best friend is the wooden spoon.

Anonymous said...

hey there i tried out your ricotta pancake...and it taste great..but I did do another version without the cheese..it taste different...however I like it more sweet so I added sugar to the ingredients, love it...do u mind if I add you as a link in my blog?