April 28, 2006

Party cakes

As some might already know, my housemates and I are organizing a little get together for about 30 people tomorrow and everyone is to bring something to share. It will be just mostly friends of Amrit and Pinky..and some of my very dear friends. I; being the ever enthusiastic and excited 'chef' that I am, couldn't stop the many MANY brainstorming sessions to come up with something fun to make. I just love whipping up yummy treats for everyone; and tomorrow will be a great opportunity for me to do that in large quantities!
Anyway, for a sneak preview of what's going to be on the delicious buffet spread tomorrow.I will also be having a counter with condiments where everyone can build their own pizzas for me to pop in the oven. And there will definitely be a few savory Malaysian dishes to make the many Malaysian's coming tomorrow feel at home.
Well...I have said too much *sneaky smile*...i'll be ready with updates on how the party went and more pictures of the many scrumptious dishes on the buffet table tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

those look sooo good.. your making me hungry lol =]

Anonymous said...

whats the recipe?
i hope its simple because im 13 and ive just started cooking small things, as im not aloud to do alot.
but its very fun!
your website is great