April 27, 2006

Baked semolina pudding

I hadn't had time to type in an entry in the morning, like I always do...however, I did manage to snap a couple of pictures of lunch before the girls ate. The picture on the left is a plate of Nasi Lemak- without the lemak!(I made it without coconut milk and oil) For those who are unfamiliar with this Malay term, it is actually fragrant rice, cooked in coconut milk and scented with lemon grass, cinnamon sticks and cloves. It is usually served with cucumber slices, fried anchovies, some sambal (this is a very spicy sauce cooked with ground chillies and spices) and topped with a fried egg!
For dinner, we pigged out on unhealthy KFC (it's been awhile since any of us ate out or had any sort of fast food. I was craving it! *guilty*). Anyway, I baked us 2 tiny semolina puddings to have for dessert. It seemed like a good idea to have pudding after KFC as it didn't have any cream/butter and the sugar content could be reduced.

Here's the recipe which serves 2; it's from my favourite celebrity chef; Nigella Lawson. I love her writing.
500ml milk
3 tbsp fine semolina
1 egg separated
2-3 tbsp sugar

1-2 drops vanilla essence
Cook semolina in warm milk on the stove top, by gradually adding in the semolina while continuously whisking the liquid in the pot. Cook for apprx 10 minutes until swollen and thick. Add in the egg yolk, sugar and vanilla essence. Whisk egg whites until stiff. Add a big spoon of egg whites into the pot of semolina to slacken the mixture, then gently fold the rest in. Pour the mixture into pudding dish/dishes and bake for 35-40 minutes until the pudding has risen and the top is brown and blistered. Serve with a drizzle of honey/fresh fruit. I had both! YUM!!


CeXiCeX said...

Hmm... no comments here..pudding...damn those look guuuuuuuud... ( or is it just the Sony Erricsson 10.1 Megapixel camera u using) hehe... just to sahre some Kaki Lima nasik lermak tips here....not sure anyone here knows it..but it rumours that Kaki Lima nasi lemak is the best around.. ERmm.... so here are the ingredient..... Pls dunt tell the boss.... i'll die if she know i burst the secret here..ehhe

Rice (Royal Umbrella Jasmine Thai Rice) it's important what type of rice u use... turns the flavour out

Kara (Coconut Milk) this milk is cheaper than malaysian Ayam Brand which isn't that nice anyway.. i think Kara is best because it has a strong fresh coconut fragrance.... just like the kedai runcit back in hometown moulding it for u...hehe

Brown Onions
Olive Oil
pandan leafs

so erm... first wash the rice... put the coconut milk...and water.... add salt..sugar... mix it well... put pandan.... and a little bit of oil... thats it... put in the rice cooker and wait to makans...

however, it was said that everyone cooks different although u follow the recipe accordingly..must be the hands of the maker er sumthin.... anwyay it should turn out just fine..... cheers

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

haha..wesley, that was taken with my old camera....it was only a 2.0 megapixel casio...haha " I sudah upgrade" now using a Lumix :P hehe
I never imagined using olive oil in malay food...wow...
thanks for the tips weh :P hehe...u better pray your boss doesn't *Stumble* upon my blog :P

cheebee333 said...

Nasi lemak with lemon grass, cinnamon sticks and cloves? That's a bit fusion! hehe
I thought they use panda leave like
CeXiCeX has said :þ

*sniff sniff* crap quakka oats is burning.

gotta run.....