April 24, 2006

NintendoDS cake - (Mexican filo puffs and Malaysian claypot chicken rice)

I had some fun this morning, made a little white model of the Nintendo DS from 2 pieces of butter cake attached with royal icing and covered with a little gum paste. It was made specially for a good friend of mine, who loves the Nintendo DS but unfortunately does not own one. I though this would be a cute replica of what I can afford. It surprisingly didn't take me long to form this little game pad, although it was a little fiddly it's shapes are pretty simple to shape.

Lunch was a simple filo pastry crusted Mexican bean filling topped with melted mozzarella. Tasted really nice with a drizzle of chili sauce!

edit: Last night my mommy dearest shared a very fast- microwavable dish with me, I tried it for dinner today- omitted the salted fish (improvised with fish sauce and dried prawns) and mushrooms (eewwk i hate mushrooms!) :P hehe. It came out yummy!!!...like how my dearly missed mommy used to make at home *feels all warm inside** click on the picture to enlarge image


Anonymous said...

This is weird,................. but weird. Sorry. I gess it is peity kool, I just have never seen anithing like it before.

milky said...

i'm new to your fabulous site :)
a question abt this recipe, what is "black sauce" ? is it just regular soy sauce, hoisin sauce, or something else?
this recipe seems simple and easy for a beginner like me, and i'm gonna try it next weekend.

Anonymous said...

What do you put the rice in?