April 20, 2006

Butterscotch Cheesecake

Right after dishing up pasta for dinner, I decided to have another 'baked-cheesecake' practice session. This time, instead of baking milk chocolate again, I made a butterscotch cheesecake with a gooey praline topping, toasted walnuts, chocolate swirls and strawberries. The base of the cheesecake was assembled with Arnotts milk cookie crumbs, crushed walnuts and butter. I bet those who frequent my blog would have noticed that I have this habit of taking my favourite recipes; crossing-my-fingers, omitting and throwing in a couple of different ingredients which I "think"would go well with the original recipe and praying that they turn out YUM! I'm not sure if it's a good habit to keep or if its advisable to follow tried and tested combinations from professionals. It isn't that it is impossible to find the recipe for a specific flavour/content that tickles my fancy, but it's just something I do because i trust my 'base' combination of ingredients and want to work from that. Most of the time, the recipes turn out well, and I quickly jot down what I've derived; but every so often, It just doesn't hit the spot. There are pro's and con's to my "hoping-it-turns-out" technique, you get to create many recipes which specifically satisfy your tastebuds and it gives the recipe your personal touch; however, it can sometimes be frustrating and a waste of ingredients when the 'rejects' are inedible. I've got a lot to learn in terms of cooking, and I'm not too sure this strange habit of mine is a good way. For as long as I can recall, being consistent and accurate is something I've had trouble with.
EDIT: Here is my recipe for the cheesecake, as requested by a dear friend; Happy birthday Wendy Wu!
1 cup crushed Arnotts milk cookies
1/4 cup chopped toasted walnuts
1/4 cup butter (melted)

24 oz softened cream cheese (about 3 packs of philly)
1 cup firmly packed brown sugar
3 eggs
1 cup cream
dash of vanilla essence

1/4 cup brown sugar
approximately 3 inch cube butter

Make crust by mixing first three ingredients and pressing into base of 9 inch springform cheesecake tin. Leave to set in refrigerator while you make the filling. Beat cheese until smooth and creamy and gradually add in the sugar. When well combined add in one egg at a time; beating well after each egg. Add cream and vanilla and beat until smooth. Pour into prepared cookie base.
Bake at 200 degrees for 10 mins and reduce to 180 and bake for another 60-80 minutes. If the top begins to burn, cover top loosely with foil. Remove when center in set (it should still be a tiny bit wobbly) . Leave to cool completely before lightly removing it from the pan. Should take about 2 hours or more.
To make the topping, melt sugar in butter over the stove and stir till well blended and smooth. Spread generously over cooled cheesecake and refrigerate for at least 2 hours or preferably overnight. Decorate as you desire with berries/walnuts/chocolate swirls. Store in refrigerator.

On a random note: this picture is to remind everyone how scrumptious a very simple and hearty plate of bacon and eggs on toast can look early in morning. Tip: always butter your toasts before toasting for a nice brown gleam and dust eggs with cracked pepper and fresh herbs for a lovely tempting aroma! It's always nice to wake up to the smell of toast and eggs for breakfast; I'm sure my housemates love it! And all can be done in less than 30 minutes (im not kidding, this includes washing up as well!). It looks like a WHOLe lot of work...but ill break it down for you on how I easily do it with one eye still half asleep. You don't even need the oven or a mini toaster, just one flat based pan! 1) butter bread, throw onto pan butter side down, remove from pan when toasty on both sides-should take less than 4 minutes 2)grease pan lightly and cook bacon till crisp-remove, will take 6-8 minutes; use medium high heat (or just microwave it if you're lazy like me!) 3) cook eggs with remaining oil in pan however you wish! Season and serve! Rinse pan, eat, wash plate and jump back into bed for a few extra minutes of twirling around!


Kristen Kai said...

The cheesecake looks scrumptious, kid. I love spring for the strawberries!!! And you are so right about bacon and eggs in the am!!! I haven't made them in a long while. I may just have to tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder. Love, Kristen!

FeelingHippie said...

Thank you so much for posting this recipe. I decided to make my first cheesecake the other day and was asked to do a butterscotch one. When researching, I came across your recipe. It came out so yummy, it was fluffy and light. I ended up using almond cookies and the walnuts for the crust and to the caramel topping, I threw in a couple splashes of heavy cream. That helped give the topping a nice creamy texture when chilled. Oh and I also used salted butter, as that was what I had on hand. It actually gave the caramel topping and crust a nice slight salty edge which complimented the sweetness of the cheesecake creating a nice flavor balance.

Thanks again =)