April 5, 2006

Happy to be back in action

Gold coast was a lot of fun! Despite being extremely exhausted I was very eager to start cooking again this morning. I decided to reward my housemates who've missed me - and my cooking- with something sweet to go with the curry fish and Indian spiced rice for dinner. It was a bit of a disaster at first, but I managed to cover it up with a little touch of creativity. I baked a milk chocolate cheesecake covered in white chocolate ganache and shortbread crumbs. Being in Sydney; where im blessed with delectable cookies from Arnotts (eg. Tim Tams, Raspberry tartlets, Hobnobs), I decided to make the cookie base from a mixture of crumbled Digestive biscuits and my favourite- shortbread creams.
Back to the disaster I mentioned before; I was being impatient (as usual) with my "cooling-the-cake" process and decided to turn it onto a plate despite the cake being still hot and wobbly. This is the first time I've ever actually -baked- a cheesecake and I didn't realize that the middle of the cake needs a few minutes to settle and hold its shape. (I usually do the mix and freeze version of cheesecakes) I capped the cap with another plate and flipped it *whoOps*....it wasn't a pretty...I let out a little sigh and after a few seconds of analyzing the cake's collapsed condition, I was able to patch it up a little to make it look decent. So here is what it looks like after I was done with "saving" it. I still have no idea what it tastes like, it needs to rest for 4 hours or more in the fridge (so says the recipe) so I will have to type in an update later on how the tasting process went.

edit: I had 3 taste testers for my cake.
1. *strong malaysian accent* oPEn shop lar you! Its the best cheesecake you've made!
2. Its good.
My opinion: a little under cooked in the middle, was creamy and smooth in the inside, a nice chocolate flavour but could use a darker chocolate mixture. It was very ugly, looked a little like gunk when its soft :P


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It may not have looked as nice as ur other cake but that was definately one of the best cakes i've ever tasted!