October 4, 2011

Mind over Matter

Reading back on my recent ramblings, I've realized most of what I wrote about showed how much I miss being young and free.. I wrote about all these things that made me happy and how I don't have them anymore.
This is has got to stop now. 
I have so much to look forward too and way too much to be excited about in front of me.. comparing level's of "satisfaction" or "happiness" is irrelevant! I have to move on and be proud of where I'm at. 
People say the past makes you what you are and you should never forget, I say screw that shit. Haha, livE in the NOW su! it's mind over matter. The grass is greener right here; right now. 
Tomorrow will be a new day for me. Come to think of it, lets make that tonight. :)

It's not just a job, it's not just cakes or my shops, Delectable is my life, and my delectable elves are my family...yummy and sugary sweet family *hehe*

1 comment:

Jim said...

I want to offer belated birthday wishes.

and that is an attractive group of 'elves'

surely a great support - no wonder you produce such great food