September 28, 2011

Taking a hint from YogiBear

"You know WHAT Boo BOO, it's PICke-nik time!"
The wise ol Yogi has a point. Hehe... i need some chill out time.

I love picnics! Back in the day, i would drag a host of my best pals with me to sprawl out on the lawn or on the beach. Didn't matter what we ate or if it came in a basket, being out in the sun and spending time with my favourite people was the whole point!
.... I shouldn't be using a term like "Back in the day"at 26 years... crap; i sound like a grandma -_-' Haha
I guess my lifestyle differs so much from when I was a student. 
These days it takes me a long while to make special outing plans.. being "spontaneous" just isn't synonymous with "running a business". It really shouldn't be... I made a map in my head today, about each 24hours in a day that I have, and how I spend it on average; I decided it shouldn't feel so tiring or impossible to fit in some fun and games or sport! 
I have a new mission to play tennis! I love the fact that it is outdoors compared to my weekly badminton sessions. And it does help to have my Man, who's a champion at the sport to help me with the game. I am still hitting it straight on with my wrists like in badminton... :P i know...i know.. it's not a shuttlecock,force of habit i suppose. I have to first learn to stop standing in the middle of tennis court! hahaha To the back SU! to the back! Maybe after getting hit once or twice in the head with a screwball I'll get it :P


lidia said...

that is the utest cake i've seen today! i love the bunnies with the watermelon (:

Anonymous said...

amazing, su! i follow your blog but don't comment often :P shy?

anyway, you know how a lot of people can copy characters but not many can do it well. you're getting better and better everyday! yogi is perfect <3