September 18, 2011

Happy MALAYSIA day!

In 1963, 16th September, the Malaysian federation was born.
but on the 31st of August Malaysia achieved its independence. So what day exactly do we wish our dear country a Happy Birthday?

It's been awhile since my return from foreign lands to settle back home with a new found adventure - Delectable. Initial months were tough.. so tough because I constantly felt that home was some place else. I left my love, my job, my hobbies, my friends and my lifestyle abroad with a heavy heart. I was convinced Malaysia wasn't my home anymore, I was stubborn.. arrogant and young. Though it seemed like there was nothing but my new business and my family to keep me going for awhile.. Malaysia won me over without putting up much of a fight. I made new friends, rediscovered old ones, found new hobbies and met a new love.... I guess you could say all it took was time. Everyone was right by saying "give it some time".
All I knew to cook was baked dishes, pastas, grilled meats, curries or stew.. but having now come home to local ingredients and a boyfriend who loves Chinese cooking; I had no choice but to get busy with new recipes and cookbooks!

He brings me on the occasional road trips he takes back home up north of the peninsula about 6 hours drive from the KL city. I've been gathering inspiring and fun ideas from these adventures too. He brings me to the famous eateries and places he grew up. I wondered if it was a hint to me that I should try to make this sort of food! haha

I'm pretty hopeless when it comes to 'authentic' local cuisine.. but I tried anyway.. I made laksa! ... from a packet. Hahahha.. I had to cheat a little to make the process more bearable :P
It was pretty simple once you get the fish and vegetables sliced right. Anyone have a good laksa recipe from scratch to share with me? haha I've got a feeling I might do a proper one in my next attempt.


Jim said...

while I love to make Char Kway Teow. it is one of my favourite dishes. I missed 16 September on my blog for this because it is also the Mexican Independence day so I blogged about that. I know more Mexicans than Malaysians - but just barely.

Sarah said...

Wow! Looks great! :)

And also good to hear you've settled back in to Malaysia. From reading your blog, you seem to work really hard, no idea how you find the time to cook! - maybe you should get your boyfriend to cook nice Northern treats for you too ;)

xox Sarah

Jane House said...

I tried Char Kway Teow in one restaurant in London and I love it! I know it must be even more better in Malaysia and I can't wait to taste it!

Raymond @ The Pastry Dream said...

Looking at these pictures is making me miss Penang food. Being in Australia, you can never get any of the authentic tasting cuisine of Penang.

George said...

Looks really great and I am sure it is super delicious!

Chantal said...

Looks absolutely amazing...
Makes me hungry just from looking!

Jenna said...

it looks like laksa lemak from alor setar