September 8, 2011

It all began with a couple angrybird lanterns...

Okay.. I can start the story from the very beginning when my dad brought home a brand new Ipad..
But I guess it's simpler to cut to the chase.
I've got angrybird fever too! LOL..
As I was hunting down some paper lanterns at the supermarket for some festive Lantern mid autumn decorations at Delectable; a couple of these traditional cellophane lanterns caught my eye.. I thought to myself.. "OOoOoO cute!!!!" I bought one of each bird.. and a pig.. and realized.. hmm.. I'm not exactly going to light a candle and walk about town with these... so I thought, Lets show them off in the shop!

Sprouting from lanterns in the window; I started having daily angry bird cupcakes for the store shelves getting little plushie piggies for the display and going nuts with the lanterns! Haha.. I love hearing the kids from outside of our stores going "MOMMY MOMmy!!! ANGRY BIRRRRDSSSS!!!" They are even more thrilled to find angry bird yummies inside! Haha.. it's such a pleasure to hear excitement.

Now that we've gotten the kids happy and thrilled; i wanted to make fun box of 4 mooncakes for the mid autumn festival gifting tradition. Well... mooncakes.. but I didn't want to make the predictable cakes everyone is giving away! They had to be different.. but yet keep to a little hint of tradition and so I thought; lets turn our recent bestsellers, the GIANT macarons into 4 red bean, peanut and black sesame filled box of 'Mooncakes'! They go for just RM45 per set and we will have fresh sets in store for sale on shelf and pre order too if you like.

Mooncake Butterfly cookie pops filled with Red bean RM4 each

Contact us at Delectable MIDVALLEY or Delectable treats PAVILION for more details.

Oo.. yes, birds are going for RM28 per box of 3. :P
I've coined a new phrase from this whole phenomenon recently. "So ANGRY! angry like a bird! :P"
Hahahahha ... su is lame. su shall go now.

Love you all.. *blush*

Cumi dan


Unknown said...

Hahaha, you really have got angry birds fever! Everything looks and sounds great, I think I will have to go on a holiday just to visit your store!

Sarah said...

Sooooo cute! Love the whimsical design you've given to the store!

xox Sarah

Baby Sumo said...

Was in yr shop the other day, and yr angry bird lanterns sure were eye-catching.

Jade said...

Can i get the angry bird cake at The Garden then? :) i can't wait to grab it tomorrow.

lidia said...

you are so amazing, gosh you inspire me so much.

Anonymous said...

i love the angry birds cakes! i was at your store sometime ago but then i was too shy to go up to say hi. haha. star struck :P.

I was trying to google to see if you've made hello kitty cakes and I don't know if you know this, but you have your own wiki page!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Su,

You are one of my nominees for the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award -

Have an irresistibly sweet and happy day :)


Beary Informative said...

Just found your blog in a google search and it's going to be 1 of my usual reads. Keep filling us more with your superb writing! ^^