March 28, 2011

Cake decorator by day; Cookie Monster by night!

I LOVE LOVE LOVe LOVE cookies! All sorts of cookies, buttery ones, crisp or chewy , big and little, nutty, chocolate chipped, jam sandwich cookies?! OMG! those are the BEST!
.... mm.. awhile back in pastry school, I dreamt of covering an entire cake with an assortment of cookies. During our 'cookie+biscuit' baking sessions we always had SOOOO many different types to bring home at the end of class and i'd wonder, whATTt am I going to do with all this!

It's been 3 years since I left pastry school and I'm still constantly inspired by the thoughts I had back then. It was a family occasion; and I wanted something fun! yummy! and I wanted to do something different from the regular fondant covered cakes I'm used to at Delectable.
Off I went to the supermarket for a quickie sweep off the biscuit and cookie aisle...
I was on a mission to make a COOKIE CAKE! yay!!I messily covered one of my triple tiered 10 inch cakes with lots and lots of buttercream, opened up my cookie bags... and it was jigsaw puzzle - mosaic time!! SOOO much fuN! the designs I could do were endless! I specially picked our favourite cookies of different lengths and colours to make things interesting! Mom, dad and sis were incredibly excited to help decorate too.
I'm sure this is something anyone can do at home.
If you're feeling up to it; you can even BAKE your own cookies! ... but me? Mmm.. a little lazy to go through that hassle. Haha

Speaking about my family and our favourite cookies..
Just recently I've put out 2 new products on shelf at Delectable Treats!. Both personal favourites! hehe

Butter Buttons: Tastes similar to shortbread cookies with a sprinkling of sugar crystals for extra fun crunch!

Cappuccino Cookies: Laced with chocolate chips within and filled with extra big chunks of macadamia nuts.

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Anonymous said...

I grew up in Australia and am in mad, mad love with Arnotts biscuits of all shapes and sizes and could imagine a cake with these plastered all over it.
I know the Americans use Oreos & Graham Crackers all the time but Arnotts is still the best.
My favourites are Monte Carlos, Kingston and Shortbread Creams.
I miss home so much.
Your cake is so pretty.

jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet Su, i love cookies too! And these 2 new addtion od cookies look soo yummie! I will have to get me one of those button cookies when i visit you the next round with the cute little cupcake button! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

mario88 said...

Nice pictures, I love cookies as well.

Tutta Littleberry said...

wow, what an awesome idea! I should definitely try it!

welovefur said...

I'm so greedy and your blog is delicious.
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Gnammy gnammy
With love and chocolate :=)

hassall eats... said...

The cake look beautiful!!
and extra chunky macadamias in your cooking...
ahhh yum!

first world rants said...

I love, love, love your Butter Buttons! I'm usually not a big fan of butter cookies because they tend to make me feel sick after a while but, your Butter Buttons has the most amazing buttery taste and it only brings me back for more. I recently bought two more tubes of Butter Buttons :D