April 14, 2011

Tired of CHocolate eggs for Easter

OH comE ON!!!
Every year as easter sunday closes in, supermarkets and gift stores start piling their shelves up with chocolate eggs of a dozen sizes and pastel shades.
Mm.. I suppose everyone loves a chocolate egg with bit of nuts and caramel, or a hollow divine tasting bunny from Lindt! Oh I could eat 10 of those bunnies in replacement of 3 meals. *guilty*

At Delectable this year; I wanted to do something fun! SOmething fluffy! Something colourful and yummy! After the good response we received for our bouquets at valentines day; I decided it might be cute to do a spray of themed easter cookies too! We have a ducky, chick, bunny, easter egg and a cute little plump carrot! To top it all off; I added a fluffy bunny plush toy on a stick! TOO CUTE!
They're going for Rm50 each set and are available on shelf or for pre order. Contact us at the Pavilion Mall outlet or The Gardens Mall to reserve them for the weekend. I've got limited fluffy bunnies; so be quick guys!


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Anonymous said...

wow, at taiwan ! luwei and strawberry waffle :D . i at taiwan studying :D