February 18, 2011

I've been up to some fun~

Not necessarily going out of my way to find 'fun' activities to do; but more making my work filled mundane days a little more interesting.
I was away on a teeny snowy holiday last week; and now that i'm home; i'm super pumped to get all this backlogged stuff out of the way.
Lets start with the cake pictures I havn't put out in awhile *giggle*
I had SOOO much fun doing the homer bust cake.. the batman cake stressed me out a little too much to relate it to fun haha but the elmo and cookie monster ones were the best!

Cartoon character cakes require such level of detail.. make them so much more difficult to do in comparison to something freeform or a personal design.


graceclaudia said...

how come u can perfectly designed those cartoons??? Oh yeahh. your art is so amazing!!

SL said...


Love the cookie monster :)


cek chun said...


NorwegianAngel said...

The Batman cake looks awesome!

Yasmin said...

I love all of the work with the fondant icing! Especially the cookie monster :)

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

hey all!
Thanks for leaving comments.
I really appreciate the compliments and kind encouragement. I try my best with the cartoons to make them resemble the actual characters haha.. im glad people appreciate my efforts >.< haha

Will be challenging to get something realistic or robotic like transformers or... starwars.. woah.. fuN! haha

Sisters Cakes Reposteria Creativa said...

Hi Su-Yin,
Your work is simply wonderful!
I would like to ask you where do you buy the letters cutters for the Elmo cake + cupcakes. I´m trying to find some cutters like this bout I havent found anything. Could you please help?

Many thanks for your answer.


electric pasta maker said...

This cake looks amazing ..well done!