February 20, 2011

It's time for the hard work now Su..

Chinese New Year and a brief 5 day trip to Japan has gained me more kilo's than a year old child. *panic attack*!!! Now losing off this excess is going to take painful hours at the gym.. and well this probably also means goodbye to supper and happy hours at the beer garden. Life is fair.. I've had wayy too much fun.. and it is time for me to zip up that tight skirt and suck it in.

I've resumed my regular working hours but it feels a little strange for me this year; I seem to be extra hyped about bringing forgotten ideas to life. Traveling to foreign lands always inspire me. It isn't exactly just about the holiday without needing to work; for me it is about discoveries.. it is about new adventures! ... *insert mental image of Dora the Explorer*
Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum. Delicioso!

I have to admit; in 2010, I had began tiring out a little, i gave up burning the candle at both ends and gradually gave in to social temptations and put Delectable's growth on hold as we tackled the festive seasons.
None of that now.. I'm fully charged and ready to take the from the beginning again. I started a super secret list that I've been adding to; file name: Game Plan 2011.doc. Haha IM PUMPED!!!
With the amazing elves at Delectable i've had this tern; I've been able to free up a little time to be inspired developing new fun things at our outlets. Micromanaging in the past couple of years made it difficult for me to concentrate on decorating our cakes, meetings and expansion plans all together. I've realized making decisions with a clear mind always makes me more confident with execution. Now i just need a magic wand which clears minds.. LOL
Come to think; it's been awhile since I made a video log.. haha I shall tomorrow! Recording myself makes me feel a little awkward. LOL *blush*