February 7, 2011

Lovey Dovey Stuff

I remember making handmade cards and folding origami hearts and flowers when i was in high school. I would give them to my classmates or friends on Valentines day... not really to ..like a "special boy"-person.. haha
I guess as we progress in age; Valentines day each year means something different each time. It could just be a time to eat lots of chocolate, or share presents, share emotions, cuddle?, it could also be a year to confess your love, propose to your soul mate, remind your loved ones you care.. or hmm.. have an excuse to go on dates to parade than new dress you've got in the closet. hehe.

I personally am not much into this Lovey Dovey stuff at my ripe old age of 'courtship'. haha but.. i suppose it's still nice to know that someone would want me to be their valentine. *giggle*.
If you're tired of flowers that cost too much; or cant afford a diamond just yet.. it's a good idea to pop by Delectable to see what you can impress your loved ones with :). Handmade chocolate truffles? A bouquet of fudge pops and vanilla heart cookies? or maybe a pair of sweet bears sending out a subtle message.
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I have yet to make plans for me and my Valentine this year; we are both so busy with work this week...Hmm wait a minute,.. i hadn't even asked him if he were mine yet. *blush* I'm sure he will happily oblige if I promised to make mushroom lasagna! *grin*


Angelina Raven said...

I love the Valentine's stuff!

Restaurant Recipes Copycat said...

Thank you for the Valentine's Day ideas!

Yasmin said...

These look so adorably cute! I love all the valentine ideas that have been coming out recently!

foodie and the chef said...

The fudge pops are adorable!

graceclaudia said...

can u send birthday cake to sarawak? can i order it? and can u make it?

graceclaudia said...

hellooo! im so obsess with ur designs and cakes. If i want to order one for my birthday, can u make it? I stay in Sarawak. Pleaseeee~~ I'm begging~~

Anonymous said...

yumm..mushroom lasagna??!!... You are making me so hungry. Do you mind sharing your mushroom lasagna recipe with your reader? mushroom and lasagna are my favourite food and the combination just makes me weak.

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

HIya all!!
Our sets sold REALLY well for valentines day! hehe
Thanks for the kind compliments and the purchases! thanks again!

Do remember to add and like us on facebook for more updates!

grace: yes you can! but only certain items. PLease email us at su@delectable.com.my for your questions and orders.

dee: yesyes! one day! haha ill make sure i find the time.