December 26, 2010

Talking in Code

There is nothing more public than a blog. Like this one. Heh.. will let you guys in on a small secret about my writing.Since.. maybe the last year or so; I push in occasional slots about my private life; but in 'code'. Closer friends of mine would read particular blog posts and giggle.. smirk or.. go *pfft* hahaha Cause they know what's going on in my head! :)
At the end of the day; this is my journal... it does follow me through my baking life; job and plans with Delectable; but i also very much want it to be a personal space where I can note down significant happenings in my personal life.
Several years ago; I would have probably just went "OH YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!! ..BLAHHH blah blahHh" well; in many instances; that has sorta eventually backfired and came back to haunt me. It bothers the people I speak about.. and it bothers my parents that everything I do is publicly shared. It's a love hate relationship. I love it when people come up to me to tell me how significantly they remember a cake from the stories I told about it from the way I felt when I made it.... and I hate it when they occasionally make assumptions about my personality from what they read online. I mean... seriously.. is everyone with Internet access out there a part time psychologist ? *grin* I've got very VERY sweet readers actually.. most of them are full of praises and encouragement. I would say ALL of them are... other than the occasional "I THINK i HATE you" email i get once a year from random 'anonymous' individuals. *shrug* those are forgettable *wink*
10 years down the line; i want to read something I wrote and think to myself.. ahhh I was describing this.. this and this.. Hmmmm maybe one day I will decode all my writing for the world to see! hahaha but not yet.. not yet.. I'm not in a point in my life where I'm comfortable doing that. *giggle*Well... sometimes talking in code is tiresome. So ... I'm just going to say as it is.
I've fallen in love with a man.
I can't say who cause he'd be coming after me with a cleaver! but i can't tell you how good in feels to be able to fall in love again. We've got some good times and many many bad ones.. but I've got a feeling it's one of those which gets better in time. I thought it'd never happen this way. But I'm so happy it did. He makes me laugh and he makes me cry. He's got a hold of my heart and I'm not too certain what I would want to make of this. .. ...
I might have even picked the wrong person to fall for altogether! haha; I'm a pro at that type of thing... *sigh* unfortunate.


pink-kimono said...


Unknown said...

I also talk a little bit in code, I think, when I write on my blog. I also don't put my picture up or my real name, although I might do that sometime in the future.
I hope it all goes well for you, everyone deserves some love and happiness :)

Kay @ Chopstix2Steaknives said...

so happy for you...hope everything goes well...and am sure that you will go from strength to strength! Merry xmas!!

Unknown said...

Very happy for you! Hope everything goes well for you in 2011!

Anonymous said...

Are you back with Joe?

Anonymous said...

we all pick the wrong guys at times. how else would we learn. good luck Su. your creations are still amazing and inspiring.

ann marie in florida

wOg said...

*w00t* *loves* *brings out parang just in case*

Anonymous said...

Dear Su,

I have been following your lovely blog for years.
Glad to know that you are"....women in love" again.


DONNA said...

glad to know that su..ive been to deletable and admiring your cakes and cupcakes.u really have great talent! life goes on and all the best!!
dena, kk sabah

vivebrulee said...

Wahlaauauuuuuuuuu the first picture looks like me hahhahaha.

Confusing la you....first in love, then the next post with a picture of Jo.
New love or old love, the only love that could bring it through it is self love.

GPS directions to life :
1. Go straight to God
2. Turn to family
3. U-turn to forgive
4. Continue going home to yourself
5. Take the corner, love is always just around the corner (just that sometimes the corner is sharp, sometimes it is a biiiiiigggg roundabout to take, like the Jalan Kuching one.

shelbybisou said...

awww su yin, so glad to know you're giggly in love! happy that you're happy :)