December 25, 2010

Acting on Ideas

I remember so many instances where i would get excited from a sprout of inspiration, I then develop them into ideas, talk to someone about it.. and then I get busy with a completely different matter. Well, the idea isn't exactly forgotten then... it's in the to-do list! Problem is; this list of mine is growing by the minute! i gather that it is a closet I'm never going to end up cleaning up. *sigh* Some of them have gone to never-never-land.
There are great things up in there; and I suppose my first step is to determine the better ones and organize myself to see them thru. Am I just too lazy? I don't like to think that; but it seems to be the blatant fact. I can point my fingers at multiple possibilities of my lack of motivation; workload on the job; gym and social time; exhaustion; inaccessible resources... gargh.. here.. see i'm making up excuses right now.
I should stop thinking of the many reasons why I'm not doing what I should and focus on actually coming up with action plans. We all should!
It's christmas eve tonight and I just managed to squeeze in a couple hours to blog. I'm eating my dinner in the car on the go.. drink in hand and a quiet merry christmas to myself. I've got a wedding cake waiting on me when I get back to the kitchen. It's going to be a long Christmas morning for me. I wonder if Santa's gonna come by to bid hello! I should leave out some Delectable cinnamon cookies to lure him in. *giggle*
When i was little; sis used to kill my Santa fantasies by showing me how wrapping paper in mom's office will turn out to be identical to the wrapped presents which magically appeared beneath the tree on Christmas morning! Haha Sis was just too smart.. I was just happy there were packages to rip open with barbie dolls inside! haha Yea... i loved barbies when I was younger; mom and dad helped me make up a big big collection of dolls and paraphernalia I have no heart to part with.
MMm I miss Christmas as a child. I now find myself worrying about action plans; world domination with cake ideas. ... pfft*... where's the fun in that!! I want a BARBIE DOLL NOW! *grin*


Unknown said...

Merry Christmas, I hope you have a good one :)
Those cakes are beautiful! I hope I get the chance to visit one of your stores sometime, although it probably wouldn't be too good for my waistline! :P

Bimmer said...

Merry Christmas Su!

Hope you have a blessed holiday with your loved ones!

Keep your ideas coming! You are truly inspirational and gifted cake artist!

cek chun said...

u never failed to impress me :)

happy xmas to u

boo_licious said...

Merry Xmas Su! Big hugs. Am sure 2011 is the time when Su gets her groove back, with a Barbie doll in hand.

chocolatesuze said...

merry xmas su!

Chef Jay said...

So colorful! I think this tastes yummy as well. Your love for barbies is a good inspiration for cakes like this one. Keep it up! Happy New Year! :)

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Yasmin said...

The detail in these cakes is astronomical! Merry Christmas and Happy new year!