February 5, 2010

We're all pink on the inside!

... but unfortunately to a minority of selfish eyes and shallow minds we are different shades of beige, browns and blacks.
Truth is: we share this earth; as individual entities responsible to each other. Superiority is self presumed by man.

We are all pink on the inside.
... And what's inside is what matters! I know; you know so.
Equality and acceptance of cultural and physical differences is too much to ask for?

The world is a big big place; but lets begin at home. Home is Malaysia; a beautiful place i feel proud to be a part of. Just like my fellow Malays, Indians, Caucasians and those aboriginal to our fruitful land... I'm Malaysian; pink on the inside. Just as the rest of the world.

Recently; bad bad egg's have stired up trouble in our peaceful basket-o-love. I'm not going to let them turn me sour; because I know who I am inside. They may preach; and there will be moments when jealousy, hate and material matters make me question just how many good ones just like US are here in this basket together. The 'if you can't fight em; join em' syndrome. *shakes head* tsk tsk..
Propaganda and hate filled agendas make it easy to forget our better ways. I too have come close to moments where I felt I've had enough; but i then take a step back and remember the person that I am... the person i was brought up to be and the values I hold strong. They are pink too.
if I'm gonna talk the talk; I'd better walk the walk.

This is gonna be a tough fight; so whose with me?
These ill-tempered hooligans filled with hate need to eat more cake and be merry!! :D


ashieBee said...

i'm with you :))

qwazymonkey said...

What a lovely collection of pink cakes. I reckon you can send them down your spring/summer catwalk!

On a separate note, I'm not just pink on the inside...I'm made out of all the colours in the rainbow

Jennywenny said...

Sorry to hear about ill tempered hooligans. I'm glad you're being the better person and fighting hate with love. Peace.

rolercoster life said...

hi Su.. dont worry abt it... well im here to thank to you.. cos ur blog inspired me to find something to be passion abt..... im still looking... thank you Su

June Art Studio said...

Well done Su yin, I just love to see your creative works. Happy Chinese New Year and Cong Xi Fa Cai.

The Cooking Ninja said...

Always remember those who need to intimidate or gossip about others are usually the ones with big inferiority complex.

Your cakes are so beautiful! U are so talented.

I have awarded you 2 awards. Please check it on my blog: Cheese Filled Buns

billy@ATFT said...

im with you, pass me the knife!

so I can cut a slice of the cake for myself. :D

Jane said...

Su, your work is really, really beautiful! Your talent and skill are truly remarkable. Very, very nice indeed! (And your photography is fantastic, too!)

This is my first visit to your blog, and based on what you wrote in this post, perhaps ENVY is a part of whatever has motivated someone to be so unkind to you. In any case, I wish you a sense peace in regard to all of that awful unpleasantness.

Michee said...

You are really creative! The cakes you make are extremely flamboyant! Maybe for my wedding, in the future, I'll make an order! Pink is my all-time favourite colour! And you're so pretty! =D

Anonymous said...

Beautiful wedding cakes, Su can you help me, I made the figurines always sitting down , I am having problem to made them stand up, always , crack, do you used gum paste to make it harden your fondant figurine , would tell me how to make them stand up.
Thank you su much Su, I always love your design on your cakes.


catty said...

hey! I've just stumbled on your blog because one of my best friends was like your neighbour in KL for a while???? She emailed me and was like you HAVE TO check out this blog!! hehehe.. i love your stuff, the CNY decorations are amazing.... :)