February 9, 2010

Wedding Bells

Wedding bells are a weekly affair for Su.
Contrary to common bells which ring in merriment and joyous tunes; mine goes off like a fire alarm: monotonous and denoting urgency!

When it comes to weddings; my department is The Cake = the freshly assembled; towering + delicious work of art at the center of each ceremony's attention. Lots of pressure I tell ya! I’ve only got less than 2 days to make this masterpiece holding hopes of the happily married couple to recreate their dream cake; symbolic of their compatibility and love.

The way wedding cake designs come about doesn't just require detail thought based on it's appearance; it must also reflect the wedding venue practicality; fit a feasible budget and most importantly; is something that is significant to the ceremony.

I make these tiers of sweetness every weekend. Though many of them may have similar colour tones and themes; they each are significantly unique in their own special way. I’ve come to terms with the fact that all my Thursdays and Fridays will be permanently allocated to calming the chimes of these wedding bells. It’s stressful to think that I’ve only got this one chance to do this right!

Throughout the week I’d be staring at the sketches, thinking of the colours and conceptualizing what it’d be like exactly when the cake comes together; but it isn’t until the very last couple of days when I can actually begin work. The cake has to be fresh! And YUMMY! That’s the whole point!

As I work on individual pieces; it often requires me to make decisions and slight adjustments as to what would be best logistically and more attractive as an end product. Sketches sometimes look good on paper; and I’m not exactly one hell of an artist on pen! hehe

So you wonder...Does the ringing ever stop? Well; it actually gets pleasant at some point!

After the pressure filled agenda of transporting-cake-from car to venue-in one piece; …. then comes the dramatic entrance of the cake into the floral filled wedding wonderland! The bells will now chime melodiously; almost fairytale-esc tunes!

It’s the joy of placing each cake onto it’s pedestal on stage; fixing it up to perfection and then stepping back for a quick – Wow…. *sigh that’s pretttyyy. I wish I could send every cake to each venue myself; because that really is my favourite part of the whole process!


Anonymous said...

love all your wedding cakes. they are so beautiful and sweet...you have very delicate fingers and a creative mind! :)


ashieBee said...

suyin!!! they are all so pretty *thumbs up* when i get married, im gonna get you to make my cake ok ;))

Geraldine said...

wow... gorgeous. You never stop to amaze me.

Madison said...

You are so amazingly talented. You create some of the most beautiful edible art I've ever seen.

Family First said...

I want to take up cake baking!!!!!!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I love your passion. You're beautiful inside and out, and it comes through in your breathtaking creations.

Aarti said...

Wow, never seen cakes that looked so adorable!! u sure are talented and must be exciting everytime u send out a cake to the wedding reception :)

Gastronomy Gal said...

The 'Bee Ann and James' cake is possibly the most exquisite cake I have EVER seen!!

Doria Tai said...

Hi Su,

You are so gifted and I enjoy looking at these photos. Your journal so humble but it reflects your best side of life - generous and lovely. So here's Haikku poems (Japanese's Haiku) to cheer you on !

When it is the day
Down the aisle to say "I do"
Su's cake makes magic!

Lovely Wedding cakes
Decoration so unique
Perfect for the day!

Su's Delectable
Greatly pleasing, so delightful
Gorgeously Delicious!

May God bless your every creations and renew your soul as you create with more inspirations !

shez said...

Your cakes look absolutely gorgeous :) I love how the wrapped packages look like they're about to burst with excitement - and the shot of you pearl dusting the pleated fondant makes me smile too!

Katie said...

WOW your cakes are absolutely amazing! It must take so much time and effort to make them and I am sure the brides and grooms really appreciate your hard work!

Babe_KL said...

Su, all yr creations are amazing!

wishing you and your family a happy, healthy and prosperous Chinese new year!

Stefanie said...

beautiful! but i'm sure everyone already tells you that. I'll be coming home to Mal from Sydney for CNY for just 2 weeks, and one of the must-do things on my agenda is to visit your lovely shop! Keep up the great work Su Yin, you've got a fan in me. =)


Fei Soo said...

Hi SU, u r really amazing =) i LOVE your cakes!

Cookievonster Custom Cookies said...

you are really just plain simple 'Awesomeness'! Love all our work.

Anonymous said...

Su, your work always amazing, beautiful,I hope you will be kindly share your knowdlege, how to make the fondant figurine standing up ( I saw your brides and groom stand up on the top of the cake). Mine always crack, so my figurine always sitting down :(
Are you using gum paste?
Thank you so much for your help.


Michelle Chin said...

I saw you in your shop the other day!


Unknown said...

happy new year

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

hi everyone! i know im so slack with responding :(
I'm truly sorry. I really do appreciate SOOO much the comments; kind compliments and support i get from you all though.

ashie: okok haha whens the big day?

familyfirst: It's never too late to start! hehe

meena: wahh.. so deep; from the diva herself. haha i'm honoured/

aaarti + gastronomy girl: haha thanks! it's bee ann + jimmy thouhg >.< hehehe

doria: OH WOW! no one's ever written me a haiku! haha tat's so sweet :) xoxoxoox

shez: haha i was behind the camera: i got a hand model to do it for me! hehe

stef: OH! i wish i had gotten the chance to meet you!!!!

GG: lots and lots of structure support inside. sufficient drying time is important too! Dry them in different body parts :)

michelle: *giggle* well i am there most of the time :P hehehe didja say hi?!

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

babekl + lilyng: HEYA lovely ladies! i know it's WAYYY late... but i hope you had a happy new year too! XO