October 15, 2009

Delectable Tiers! YUM!!!

Lack of much time to have a lenghty post;
I thought it'd be nice to just post several random pictures up of the miniature 6" tiered cakes we have for sale in the Delectable store.
Those we have available for walk in purchase are of our Teddy, Lulu and Jo classics (which match our signature cake flavours); but of course I do have some of them customized as well. The requests for other themed miniature tiered cakes (pictures all the way at the bottom of post) require bookings in about at least a week in advance and are a tad bit more expensive. They are really cute for smaller quaint birthday parties of about 5-10 people; definitely YUMMy too!

I REALLY need to make my newsletters consistent. I'm sorry everyone who's sorta been waiting on em. I promise when we get a solid team with more staff on board; I'll make sure things are updated to the tee~
There's something fun coming up in the next couple of weeks... something kinda exciting... what it is? *twiddles thumbs* welll.....
HAH! i'm not telling :P heeee...
But it's definitely been keeping us really busy.
Have been to some events too which i'm working on editing photos and such.
I'm exhausted.

...but fret not! Su is HAPPY!! :) Yet again. I can't help but to be proud myself. It took awhile; but the rainbows are back~ Not in full colour just yet; but we've got just enough to sing a joyful tune! YAY!


La Table De Nana said...

They are so sweet:) and you are so talented.

Marina Mott said...

You are fantastic!!!!!!!
I'm yor big fan!!

My name is Marina, I'm from Brazil and I love to cook. I'm really delighted with your job.

I'll make sure to keep up with your posting!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! This is really cute....you're very talented!

anne said...

wowwww i just wanted to say that YOU INSPIRE ME!! your creations are awesome!!
i just found your blog now anddd i can't stop reading it :P hehe

love, your 515th follower :)

amanda said...

Your cakes are adorable!
I'm a huge fan from Perth, Australia and have been reading your blog for quite awhile.

I'm coming down to KL early 2010 and can't wait to visit your shop!

Keep the good work up!

Anonymous said...

hi su

i have been admiring your creations for long (since you were in OZ) and was hoping to buy your cupcakes/cakes one day.

i finally bought your cupcakes last weekend and it tasted great. btw, how much do you charge for the 6" cake?

little daisy

gerrie said...

Hi Su!

The tiers look super yummy...you might need to include instructions on how to slice/cut them up...hehe.

Had your ginger cupcake today at about 12pm...loved that I could actually taste the ginger (yums!!!), and then (at 3.45pm) treated myself to a slice of the prune lapis (heaven!!, thanks again for recommending it to me). My daughter was fighting for that slice (she won!), so I had to go cut some more, and is thawing as I write this. Am eating well out of her sight later! "Good stuff" alright!!

Art said...

Te escribo desde México. Tus productos son hermosos.


June Art Studio said...

Hi Su,
I love your cakes very much. Delicious, also suitable for children who don't love a lot of cream. Well done dear !

Kiran said...

Great creations SU! I can't wait to sample some :D It's a relief to know you are doing better. Go Su!!!

Anonymous said...

is the filling/icing on the cake/cupcakes cream or buttercream? can someone who has been lucky enough to try one in person enlighten me? is the icing very grainy or smooth?

JaiMie said...

Omg thats so cute!
You are sooo talented (I know you probably have heard that a million times by now :p)!!!

Love love love what you create!

sheenb said...

oh my gosh!! u are so amazing!
I am a quiet but constant follower of your blog for over a year now. This is my first post. u are inspiration! You're positivity to life is so refreshingly rare and beautiful! All the best!

J2Kfm said...

the Mario's cool.
should be a hit with the kids. and the young at hearts. :)

btw, you mind updating my link on your sidebar? i've moved to www.j2kfm.com


Anonymous said...

hello su! i am a huge huge huge fan of yours from singapore! this is the first time i have ever made a comment!

i picked up baking because i was so inspired by you! but i must must must ask you this, may i know where did you get the alphabet cutters? i have been searching high and low for it but i can't seem to find it! please let me know what brand is it from and where can i purchase it? appreciate it so so much!!!

btw, how much is it to purchase your cakes? and shipping? if possible please email me at junezsa@hotmail.com

Lyne said...

how could anyone resist this???

:) I'm inspired!

Anonymous said...

this delectable tiers still available in ur shops everyday?