June 13, 2009

What's in fashion today?

It's really cool to be one of the chosen few supplying exclusive goodies to designer retail brands and their events. Delectable has definitely made an impression on those who enjoy the finer things in life; it's good to know delicious Delectable goodies are in fashion too! *giggle*
Recreating fabrics and accessories is a challenge I'm faced with almost every month. Girls love cutting into their favourite handbags made with their favourite cake flavours.
The Oohh-ahh responses really are magnified at parties with crowds of young ladies. Most of them don’t believe it’s cake! I try my best to match not only patterns; cuts or just merely the shape; but the size as well. I attempt to make replica’s with cake, enhanced with just a couple of personalized alterations to create a meaningful impact.
On occasion; ladies would waltz into our studio with their favourite bags and shoes; requesting for replicas! HahaA very glamorous and fun Nisa happened to spot our cake studio at The Gardens Mall; the very first week we opened. After just merely a short discussion; we came up with many cool ideas and colours for her birthday party theme in a months time. They had already a venue in mind; all was missing was the CAKE! Well; who better to bump into than Su *wink *Roses; blacks; silvers and deep pinks was going to be my colours to play around with. She came with her favourite baby pink Chanel that afternoon; and so we decided to make that the centerpiece!
Well; beautiful Nisa loves white chocolate and passionfruit; YUM! a perfect combination of tart and rich creamy chocolate, I was determined to stack and layer a Chanel bag made from this heavenly match for her.
I didn't exactly know what I was getting myself into when I said; "Yum!! I can have that done!"
.... Passionfruit is apparently very commonly found in Malaysia.*edit* haha.
Well; I see them fresh occasionally whilst in season from colder climates; but this particular season when it was important for me to have them; there were none in sight! - I ran about the entire Midvalley City that weekend; there were NONE! I asked each fruit stall and made calls to all my suppliers; no one could just give me A passionfruit for the next day.
It was incredibly stressful trying to come up with a recipe for the passion fruit buttercream I was unwavering attempting to achieve. Jam or juice wasn’t going to cut it either. I finally settled for a tiny portion of fruit puree; desperate and a day away from Nisa’s birthday bash, I looked to friends at Gelatissimo for help. Known for authentic fruit gelati and sorts; I knew it’d probably be my best bet! It worked like a charm; DeliCIOUSness!
I love making new friends.


Angiekyl said...

surprise that you can't find passion fruit in kl. down here in sg you can find it in wet market

chris said...

Hi Su,

These days passionfruit is conveniently found in most fruit stalls believe it not. Try the one in Gardens (nearest to you) next to Shojikiya. Fairly pricey though, going at RM1/pc sometimes.

p.s: Lovely creation as usual!

Thy Thy said...

it's absolutely so cute! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Su!

Do you handmade all your cakes? I mean how do you make all those beautiful designs by yourself?!! Don't tire yourself out ok? Do take care.


Anonymous said...

Hi Su,

you can find passion fruits in Taman Tun wet market.

Poorni Pillai said...

I love the combination of colors! And the passion fruit and white chocolate sound like an incredible combination :) Really beautiful work!

Kana said...

Congratulations on the beautiful retail space in MidValley!!! I look forward to going to it when I am home this Fall!!

Asianmommy said...

What a beautiful cake!

Phoebe Lim said...

i would like to know if you can do a square shape cake by the size of 15cm or 14cm? is it possible to do such small cake size? the deco would be just a simple football based theme

Nisa said...

Hi Su!
I didnt get to thank you enough for the cake! It was really really beautiful! My friends loved it! We are still talking about it till now =) and also thanks so much for your effort to look for the passionfruit, in the end it was worth it! Real good job!