June 18, 2009

Creating precious memories with Cake.

I remember my very first full wedding cake just a couple of months ago. I was under an incredible amount of pressure to cover a 4 tier full cake; something I never imagined to be as difficult as it was. Working alone and being the only one around who knew what needed to be done was probably another reason for all that pressure. I wish I had my dreadful 4 hours on camera; it would have been good for laughs!
The bride was very pleased with the end result and the towering cake was made the centerpiece at the wedding. A proud moment indeed. I've now very much improved since; as wedding cakes are more a weekly agenda for Su and her crew.This towering cake was done for Teck and Kim who are the sweetest couple from the States!(*edit) ;)
Both outspoken and friendly; I was excited to meet them way before the wedding. They are so much fun to be around and I can imagine their wedding to be one hell of a party too! Kim is possibly the most organized bride I've ever met. She had the folder; the details, all picture clippings in tact and well versed with her cake lingo; impressive! haha I loved her ideas for the cake and they wanted it themed with the French Fleur d lis. Ribbon cake pulls and details from her actual wedding dress was incorporated into the patterns of each layer. It was very much a cake reflective of the bride and groom.
More than a handful of weddings cakes later; I'm still making mistakes and booboo's attempting to transport them; I've even stupidly repeated those mistakes on occasion :(

I've got a 5 tier cake waiting to be delivered to a wedding in a couple of hours. I really should run.
No ... wait;
mental note: Never RUN with cake. NEVER


SweetThingsTO said...

Gorgeous wedding cake! So elegant!



A Masterpiece indeed!

What's the cost like?


Dewi said...

The cake looks so sweet and romantic, may I know how do you keep the flowers fresh all day in weather like Malaysia - hot and humid.

Tuty said...

What a fabolous wedding cake. You'll beat Sylvia Weinstein soon... Keep up the fantastic art skills!

Eve said...

That cake looks beautiful! Don't run!! ;D

Unknown said...

That cake is fabulous, great work

Poorni Pillai said...

It looks....perfect! It must be a wonderful feeling to put an even bigger smile on a bride's face...such good work Su!

Cadie Bluesky said...

Yeah! Gorgeous!!!
I love to cook too, especially bake. Though I still need to study.

Teck Yih said...

Hi Su-Yin,

Kim and I are still admiring the pics of the gorgeous cake you made for us. We are both so happy and grateful for your efforts and outstanding service.

Once I figure out how to download pics from the disc our photographer (the uber-talented Zung from the PhotoZ), we'll be sure to send some over as he took some BEAUTIFUL shots. But then again, it's easy when when the cake is already so brilliant! :)

May you continue creating many more pieces of magic for a long, LONG time to come.

Thanks again for creating something truly special and memorable.

Kim and Teck Yih

p.s.: We're from the States but Canada's close enough! :P

Asianmommy said...

Wow--what an amazingly beautiful cake!

Anonymous said...

It's so pretty!

Jennyvi said...

OMG! soooo pretty Su!! note to self: i need to save money so you'll be the one to make my wedding cake, too..
tee-hee.. *snap* geezz been staring for so long now.. :P

anyways, i made the egg tart recipe of yours, Su.. thanks for sharing. family loves it! :) will fedex some cute stuff from Philippines soon & address it in your store. *winks*

Cindy Khor said...

that is truely a magnificent cake, tall and towering and pretty, i think they would taste good too except that i would hesitate to eat such a grand cake

mel said...

Nicely done, Su! Btw, are those flowers organic?

The Lokes said...

wow i wished i could have my wedding all over again as as a wedding cake from Su must be the order of the day!

nice meeting you last night ;-)

Amelia said...

Hi Su, Congratulations and kudos to your new journey in life. Continue to press on and stick to your dream and passion. Critics will make you stronger but compliments will push you forward. Believe in yourself and don't give up!

I've tried your cupcakes and they are fabulous, and I love your artwork! keep up the fantabulous job. You're my inspiration.

yeeling said...

ya...u should run wif ur "legs"