June 8, 2009

A taste of Glitz

2 months ago; if you were to tell me I'd be having my schedule filled with exclusive events to attend or magazine photoshoots to be on time for; I'd probably choke with laughter.
Funny how I'm still tickled about it in disbelief! Doesn't exactly make me feel regal or any more important than before, rather just more appreciative of the recognition I've been getting from the local media and retail industry. It's nice to finally see what happens to my products when they get to fancy launch parties! Haha

I've just recently made a good friend who owns several F+B outlets, he agrees; it isn't difficult to make friends with an abundant supply of candies, pastries or ice-cream in your shop!
I'm just incredibly happy with the number of returning customers requesting for more Delectable goodies! They can't get enough! Beautiful ladies watching their weight can't help but to blame me for showing them the good stuff worth kicking that diet for; *evil* yes resistance is futile! hehe
Speaking about beautiful people; it's probably my most favourite thing about attending fancy parties. *giggle* It's nice to finally get to meet the who's and whos; shake their hands and allow them to tell me their success stories. Exciting stuff! haha; a little starstruck to be amongst famous people I recognize.
It's surreal how much exposure Delectable has gotten since we opened our doors at The Garden's mall a month back. Things have picked up real well and I've been getting offers and invitations of all sorts! I had to tell a lady last week; that I'm not quite ready to set up a franchise in London just yet; *laughs* I'm struggling to take it in one step at a time, my natural style is more of the 'pounce' on it type. Control and Balance are my 2 new bestfriends.

Oh YES! I've got crazy news!!!!
I've been nominated for the Blue chili award by KLUE magazine and have made it to the top 10! I was thrilled and incredibly excited! CLICK
The photoshoot for the magazine and video interview was done last weekend at KLCC; our prize was that we got to keep the pair of jeans we received from sponsors and tshirts as well. They were tight on me. I'm a fatty. *sob* Malaysia doesn't like big behinds! Haha it's a fairly obvious signal for Su's healthy eating regime to begin yet again when her hips won't squeeze into the largest size available!
I have no clue who was my nominator; but am really glad to be acknowledged for my hard work with Delectable. I wasn't certain what to expect; and hadn't had much time to spend reading up before I headed to the interview session. I don't think I did as well as I had hoped; but *shrug* I made do with what time I had last weekend. Can't wait to see the pictures on the magazine! *jumps around*


Anonymous said...

Lately i found your blog is just talking about your Delectable, i know Delectable is growing up but i hope u can post more your cake creation pictures :)

Rileen Aya said...

hi su, dropped by at delectable last weekend but i was too shy to say hi. so.. hi! loved the shop, loving the cupcakes even more!

Big Boys Oven said...

This is awesomely fantastic, we just love you! Hope you will win the KLUE nomination as you got our vote! :) from the Boyz!

Joe-Lene said...

Hi Su, congratulations for everything! How I wish I would have the chance to drop by Delectable one day and I really love all the pretty creatures you designed! and I love reading on what you've been through for the sake of Delectable and your achievements, apparently it's something very exciting for; I don't know why. Hee.. Congrats!

lifeis2munch said...

congrats! please let me know if you open a shop in singapore... I would love one of your cupcakes!

EADotCom said...

Good on you! Jiayu!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

congrats congrats..nice to have met u for that brief moment yesterday..

ViNi said...

Geez, I would love to be in your place someday. Sure is hard work isn't it. :)

Anonymous said...

who is that hot guy LOL!!?!?

maya said...

u go gal..u make malaysian proud!!!

Poorni Pillai said...

Congrats Su, it must be a wonderful feeling to take steps towards growing success :)

Babe_KL said...

Congratulations again Su!

miss.cc said...

hi, congrats! i just ate yr cupcake today so i thought i'd drop by to tell u how yummy it is! it is also pleasing to my eyes :D
i'm so happy my cousin bought it for me :))
i will drop by yr store if i can!

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

HEy guys@ thanks for leaving comments :) haha
thanks rileen for dropping by; please do introduce yourself next time! haha it's a little unnerving to have people stare at me and not say anything :( LOL

big boys oven: would love to meet you gutys one day!!

joe: HEY!!! was so nice to meet the person behind the awesome pictures! haha great work with cravings ;)

vini: an understatement >.<

anonymous: i dont... know.. they are just all HOT! LOL

maya: thanks sweetheart :)

babekl: we need to go out sometime! :D hehe

miss.cc: YAY! hehe come back for more yah? :P

Hinky Pinky is back! said...

Congrats on ur success...:)

Anyway, would like to inquire...how much is the delectable cookies?? Any min order? TQ