June 1, 2009

Just us Kids!

Those who've came by to check us out have probably seen a couple of these friendly faces.
Who can resist having a chat or two with such a pleasant bunch of enthusiastic kids. Well of course; when the boss has her eyes permanently glued to the laptop and hands frantic in search of drawn inspirations; someone has to keep our continuous stream of cake + chocolate lovers happy and entertained.
I've got an amazing team; and I love bragging about my luck finding them! *giggle*
If you havn't gotten them chatting about themselves yet; let me; as "Boss" help fill you in with the gossip and who's-who.

Nicole: My dear; my little girl~

Little and small but armed with a commanding voice. She's my Delectable champ!
  • Turn's 18 today!
  • A talented photographer and a nikon lover just like Boss. She's a big pint of adorable!
  • Helps Boss with photography in the shop when I'm too tired. Does all that yucky editing and watermarking website work I detest. *grin*
  • Often seen as favourited by- Boss. Not only just because she's incredibly cute; but because she's brilliant and does lots of homework when told to.
  • Multi super tasker. If she can't do it; she finds out how without a whimper.
    You know when she's had enough if she yells out "Wait; Little girl has only two hands!" It's hard to not keep pushing things at her; it's such a convenient way to get things done right! *laughs* Yes I bully her a little; but I love her so.
  • She loves chocolate; and I bet if I didn't have one eye on her at all times; she'd be cleaning out the chocolate desserts and pots all by herself
I'm going to miss her so much when she goes off to college. I wish she'd agree to let me home school her. Her smiles in the morning make everything seem brighter.

Enrique: The Boy.
The ONLY boy and Boy is he lucky! Spoilt he is; by the boss and us girls in the shop of course.
  • A born charmer with natural gift of gab. Ladies adore crowding around him as he goes on about cakes and how delicious the ginger one is.
  • Accounting fresh grad with lots of potential.
  • Incredibly professional, efficient, fun, uplifting and barely ever on time to work; that's when he gets my 'cross' face as he waltz in the door decked out in the hottest new fashions and hairdo's. He makes it up to me by working longer hours and grabbing dinner with boss after hours.
  • Wears a tie to work. Looking dashingly handsome in matching shoes no doubt.
  • Occasionally decides to shock boss with a 'casual' get up to work; designer-type-'casual' of course.
He's our pretty badboy with expensive taste.
I'm sure some are tickled by how we signs off emails as 'Delectable Enrique'. Cheeky cheeky
Tidbit from su: Contrary to popular believe; our boy loves girls *grin*

: She's our bubbly angel
Energetic and often found prancing about the store in skips! She's just too happy always!
She's not been with us long; but with much practice and ridiculous 2 cents from the boy and boss; she's finally seen the light and taken a new personal persona in our shop.
Naturally shy and smiley; our Ame is sometimes found at a loss for words in the midst of a difficult Q+A with a customer. She then turns around and looks at me desperately with a big furrowed brow.
I love her innocence and ability to smile through everything.
I remember having an incredibly difficult day at work; I guess she could tell from my stress level, that I wasn't into having chit chat... as we ran our errands just the two of us; she randomly belts out looking away; "It's going to be okay".
Ame's great to have working busy shifts; quick as a fox; is incredibly helpful and yeap; a brilliant photographer herself!
She's into macro photography just like me; but funny thing about Ame; she takes photos of lizards. *shiver*

Azalia: What's not to love!
She's beautiful; giggly and has an infectious laugh!
Just like me; azalia's from Ipoh, we do share a common pool of friends from different school s but as years went past; we never did keep in contact much. Not until we were reunited in Sydney (UNSW) where we both studied different subjects.
She lived 2 blocks away from our place and remember making her a birthday cake and some occasional laksa. Haha I had to make excuses for her to come over and hang out >.<
How good is she!? Her work is outstanding!
Pretty obvious why she decided to quit her accounting job at one of the Big5's to freelance this talent of hers: Photography and moment capturing.
I sometimes get taught a thing or two when she decides to toy with my Nikon at work. She's known for sending out the young boys blushing; without having a clue how she's charmed them into smiles.

My girls prance about in frocks of their choice; often floral for Ame and Azalia; tailored and vintage for my hip baby; Nicole. I try to get them dressed in yellow or white; but occasionally they pull out a green or a pink on crazy-colour Mondays. A daily dress code for all of us makes it fun. It's nice to see Enrique dig out his closet to join in the fun as well.
I'm finding it amusing to know that there are 2 common things between those who work for Delectable. Accounting + Photography. *shrug*

Su's been interviewing again; and she's found a couple more faces just recently! Will have them exposed very soon.

*Elinor has left us to move on with chasing her dreams, I wish her luck and love :)


giz said...

What a gorgeous family.

Penny Chan said...

Wow ... happy to see ur new Team Su : ) sad that i couldn't be part of it ....

Hweiernn said...

azalia.. she was my high school senior in Ipoh and fellow cheerleader! :)

Family First said...

Met Amelia when I was at the store to get your cuppies. She is relly polite and young & refreshing! Give her more guidance and training and she will be a gem!

Purple Lover said...

hey....i went to your store today! Once i saw your CUPCAKES,cakes and cookies....i fell in LOVE with them!!!!! I bought 3 cupcakes and a cookie.... Thay look sooo CUTE!!!

Anonymous said...

I bought some cupcakes to 'surprise' my hubby for his birthday and Nicole was there to serve me. She is really cheerful, helpful and really served me very, very well! Hands up for Nicole!

I would miss her bright warm smile when she goes to college too.

Unknown said...

I told her to help you out even when she goes to college! *grumble grumble*

Much loves!

Unknown said...

I popped by your store earlier today, grabbed your absolutely adorable cupcakes - Amelia was an absolute sweetheart! I'm in town on holiday and my friends back in home in S'pore are gonna be sooooo jealous that I've finally got to try your cupcakes! kekeke...

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

My team has much changed from the previous set of darlings.. ahh; new delectable faces to be revealed soon! hehe :)
I miss Azalia; ame and nicole so much! Enrique too.
:( Ah well... there will always be goodbyes with every hello