April 26, 2009

I = The Delectable Shop Assistant!

And the search begins!

Su's hunting for Delectable Part-time and full-time shop assistants!
Want to be part of the very first Designer Cake Studio in Malaysia? Well; send us your applications!
Work begins in a week!

Outlet address: S-213 LVL 2; The Gardens Mall, Midvalley City. KL

Good with time management and is always punctual (if not early)
Excellent command of English. Proficiency in other languages are very much welcomed as well
Responsible and dependable
Flexible with tasks and job scope
Preferably good with computers and resourceful when handling new tasks

Minimum Education: High school

General Responsibilities:
Attend to customers
Handle correspondences
Assist in daily retail outlet necessities
Scheduling of time slots
Protecting my cake displays from sugar hungry passer-by's :D

Here's how.
Email the following to su@delectable.com.my with the subject line
(I = The Delectable Shop Assistant!)
  • Your resume + Cover letter
  • A short and creative video of yourself speaking about Delectable
  • Contact details
  • Available working hours
  • Asking pay.


doroooooo said...

oh i would love to go work for you just that i'm in a different country :(

red said...
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qwazymonkey said...

I've been a silent fan/reader of yours. But I don't think I'll qualify since I might just finish all your cakes rather than sell them.

Just wanna wish you all the best in your search and the opening of your store. Congrats!

Khaizarien said...

congrat's dear 4 ur shop..hehe nati mau jenguk...-khaizarin-

Unknown said...

awww i wanna work for u su-yin!! sigh i nid more time like u do... luv u =)

Amelia said...

so from now I shall go to The Gardens if I wanna order your cake...when I am in KL of course..LOL :D

i'm still thinking of ordering for my bf. lol :p

yuha said...

Congrats! I have benn following yr blog for awhile now.

All the best to you and the opening of yr new shop.

Nika said...

Been checking your blog before but never really commented. I love your works and I wish I can make beautiful cakes like you do in the future. If I wasn't in a different country, I'd apply in a heartbeat.xD The shop is looking so delectable. :)

Unknown said...

wah...! i want to apply ...

still can?!!!

i will leave my current job and work in your lovely shop with all that icing,...fondant...and loveliness...

pay me whatever you want....

i will return to malaysia just to work for you..
i'm going gaga with excitement and happiness for you. :D

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

haha you guys are so funny!
I'm always looking for people; of all talents; so drop us a line whenever! haha
With prof resume and CV ready please of course ;) hehe

XOXO; thanks for the wishes guys!

Anonymous said...

are you selling franchise to Indonesia . iam relly intresting to open delectable shop in Indonesia , thank u

R. said...

your place is awesome!
would love to join you guys when i'm exams free

shirley said...

do u receive disciple?
I cant speak english fluently
and i admit that i do not understand "Delectable" very well,i juz noe that i m appreciating ur works very very much,sincerely.
i can only work for weekends and school holidays.
pay me wif de price tat u think i deserve.
wait for ur answer...

isabella said...

I would love to work for you! Please come back to Sydney and open up a store here =) I would be the very first one to apply!!...Aways supporting you!

Anonymous said...

May i know if it's okay if i only wanna work on sat and sun? as i'm an undergraduate now you see, so my course is busy. though i'd wish to get a part time job still...

Anonymous said...

Hi Su,are you still looking for part-timers? I am interested. Thanks. :)