April 22, 2009


A gift from an incredibly sweet man who knew his girl's favourite things.
He made an attempt to take her for a ride on a hot air balloon for her birthday but it hadn't happened the way he intended. I hope my cake helped cushion her disappointment.
She has little fluffy friends he wanted included in the cake. It was cute how he mentioned them to me by 'name' haha.
I'm not much of a girly-girl. Not too much of a pink, pretty or pastel type... but definitely a sucker for ugly-ly adorable stuffed creatures. I sleep with my fluff animals too. *blush*

On a completely different note; how are things with the shop?
Well; thanks everyone for writing in and calling us with inquiries. Everyone is so excited about the store! haha I am too!! *jumps about with everyone else* grin*
I'm looking to have a launch end of next month; so look out for our newsletter filled with details of our new outlet. Will have lots of promotional give aways then. If you would like to be included in our mailing list; please write to us at su@delectable.com.my with the subject line -mailing list.
How am I?
Hmm.. i don't know where to begin; and if I do; it will eventually turn into an unbearable post filled with my whining. *laughs* I'll spare everyone.
Su's working real hard alright. Been trying real hard to keep up with the endless responsibilities and tasks since deciding to move into retail. It's not easy doing this on my own; but it's no excuse! I have my Eli and I have my Nicky.. I'm looking to get a couple more enthusiastic and charismatic individuals to join our tiny team of 3.
It's funny; I've been receiving calls on our cell number from larger companies asking for our 'advertising/sales' department. Haha; When I tell them that it does not exist; I often throw them off completely!
I still have clients who never expect me to be actually baking my products and decorating them myself. . I also still trouble convincing people to accept what I do as creative works of art.
"So you selling just a KEK la?" *laughs*


ashieBee said...

cant wait for it!!!!
i will definitely definitely drop by when i'm back in kl for summer break ok. hihihih. good luck ;))


The trekker, agnes said...

Hi Su,

Wish you all the best in your new endeavors at the Gardens in Mid Valley.

May there be many many little wings of helps that comes flying all over, to assit you towards the opening of your new store.

God Bless you

jacss said...

hey Su, congrats on yr coming launching!! i love to be included in your newsletter mailing list...please!
lovely colors of the air balloon, appreciating another beautiful creation...

Anonymous said...

My favorite thus far. You've really outdone yourself su.

kas said...

congratulations my dear!!! im jumpin in excitement with everyone else!xox

yeeling said...

gd luck gal~~~
iam looking forward 4 the launching...
hope 2 see more creative cakes coming out from your hands *blink*

Anonymous said...

I think I know what you mean. Ever since I started my mini cupcake business, people think I'm just this 'auntie' who cooks.

Mei said...

All the best with your coming launch! It's great to see how far you've come.

As for those people who think that all you're selling is a cake, bollocks to them. Baking is an expression of creativity and you can't teach creativity. :)

If you thought you got it bad, I have it worse because I run a knitting/spinning-related store. People think I'm a grandma!

FeLiciap7 said...

That cake was brilliantly gorgeous!

and I sincerely wish you all the best in your launching! can't wait to be one of your customers when I return from new zealand ;)

MissTeow said...

That is such a beautiful cake, so adorable!

Good luck with the opening, I am sure it will be a success!