March 15, 2009

*Sheepish grin*

I felt a little uneasy. A little unsure.. and I suppose nervous in general.
The room was filled with anxious students; but it was as though the entire waiting hall was empty. I stuck on a silly sticker onto my chest; it was for them to identify me loud and clear... Su-Yin. The stickers remind me of 'help' groups and self improvement seminars. *shrug*
It was 10 minutes to 4pm and I could sense that everyone around me was just a little too shy to begin making friends; I caught the eye of a pretty young girl across from me. She saw me, and glanced away, looked at me again and this time checked out my name tag. I smiled at her to break the awkward silence. She surprises me by walking over. She goes "Do you write a blog online?"
I lose blood in my brain for a couple of seconds and then begin to blush continuously all over. Haha as I gathered myself between giggles we made conversation and spoke about travels; she was so pleasant, I was thrilled. Of course; I handed her a namecard; and reminded her that I made cakes *wink*
Very quickly; an hour of class came to an end; It was amusing. The classroom of quiet individuals out in the hallway were now roaring with laughter and dancing comfortably in each others hands. *shrug* It was Salsa; it's difficult not to warm up to your partners considering how we were reminded to look at their faces at all times. Pretty intimidating for shy people like me.
As we bid our goodbyes another young girl comes up to me with "You look very familiar; are you Su Yin; the girl who makes pretty cakes?"
I didn't know what to say. I don't remember what I said. I must have babbled something ridiculously confusing. *slaps head* People in Malaysia don't usually come up to me with such first lines. *laughs* I had to give her a hug. It was an awesome feeling. Of course I did conveniently slip her a couple of name cards too! *grin*
I don't know what the majority of blog hoppers come in to see; but I presume it is Cakes. Not so much the writing or food photography I'm guessing.
Haha would love to get feedback guys.

I woke up one morning and decided I was inspired by sheep! and that very night; I received an order confirmation for a christening cake. I thought to myself Sheep it is.
Really I'm not kidding; it is as simple as that.
I don't spend hours gathering inspiration... I just grab whatever comes. Be it in my dreams or in my daily encounters.


Cindy Khor said...

the baby is absolutely gorgeous... so peacfully your cakes as usual

Sakorarox said...

oh WOW! AMAZING baby Su! **stares in awe** is it all fondant? very good spray painting :)

Sippity Sup said...

It's fascinating to see how you create such little pieces of (edible) art. GREG

Chef C said...

Very cute, and as always, tastefully done. you said inspiration comes to you from everywhere. when it hits, do images form in your mind, and then you translate into craft work? just curious.

ashieBee said...

adorableeeeeeeeee <3333

Anonymous said...

these are beautiful and too cute for words! su, keep it up and it is definitely a gift from above.

Anonymous said...

When I make my plan for the trip to Malaysia later this year, I would like to get hold of you and place orders for the gorgeous and lovely cakes and if possible, I want to bring some home too. What a pity that we have distance inbetween (Hong Kong and Malaysia)or I will definately love to order from you for all my friends and families' birthday as well as special occasions. Add oil, Su Yin, will always support you ! ^o^

kel @ sweet treats said...

Oh Su Yin that cake is adorable!

I must admit I do come here for the pictures of your are very much an inspiration to me and I love seeing all that you do!

Keep up the great work :)


Anonymous said...

i read you regularly for the cakes (the nice pictures do help) but what makes this a good blog to follow is its personal side; the reality (M)TV-like essence: an interesting story from student to cake maker, a good cringe factor occasionally (your humour and self-reflection are funny). The top rated blogs (NY times list for example) are usually very polished and impeccable from whichever angle. But also *yawn* a little boring. You expose yourself in your style, faults and all. While that's brave and makes it very readable, it leaves you open to attacks. That's the nature of the internet...Hope you keep going despite the dark side!!!

Anonymous said...

Hee hee the sheep are sooo cuttee ^^! Come back to Sydney faster so I can steal some of your awesome creations already :P

Anonymous said...

the sheep's expression is so cute.
made using fondant? is it edible?

Anonymous said...

Gawd! TOOOOOO GOOOOD manz!!! Hey babe, so I can actually order a cake from you? I'm in Singapore you see and have been dying to get my hands on your yummmmmmies! =)

Boey said...

That cherubic sleeping child and the lamb at its feet melted my heart... as well as many mommies' out there. Thanks for sharing something so inspired and beautifully crafted. Love your creations, cousin!

Lilia said...

Oh myy... the baby is so cute and adorable. Your fondant can last for a long time, rite? I think the mum will want to keep it for a long time. Who know many years later the baby will going to NZ to meet these sheeps :p

Anonymous said...

Very cute... can't believe it made from fondant. Success Su..

Anonymous said...

Hi Su,
I really really love your blog and your magnificent creations!! I never bake any cakes before, and just recently bugged my hubby for an oven..... I love all the sweet little things from fondant you made, and tried to make them on my own.... (not as easy as playing playdoh hahhahhaa).... your blog, needless to say, motivates me to bake and decorate :)

Anonymous said...

Wow--you make the most amazing cakes!!

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

Hey guys! sorry bout the late response; life is just killing so much of my blogging time altely :(

chumpman: Hey there do keep posted with my blog updates! You'll be able to find me easily in a couple of months! hehe contact us on

carolyn: Thanks :)... haha Im going to take it as a compliment! >.<
I jsut like being honest; Raw! if you must. *shrug* its my personal space i guess. A little risky; a little scary... but yea.. right now; im too young and naive to worry about it too much. *wink*

anonymous: every part of it was fondant :)

saripartygirl: CONTACT US!!! hahaha cant wait to hear from you babe!

lilia: yeapyeap :)sheep are nice. hehe

anonymous: haha thats a good thing! lots of luck :) DOn't worry... practice practice; you'll get it soon. hehe

asianmommy: thank you :)

Kana said...

BEAUTIFUL Su!! Just love it !

Aida Narina said...

Awww awwww love the theme! :)

Rumela said...

Wow! your Sheepish grin picture is very nice. your presentation is an eye pleaser.The above sheepish grin is because I've not blogged in FOREVER. I haven't had anything interesting to say. I've had interesting things happen, but no interesting things to say. ...thank you for shearing your post.