March 18, 2009

Delectable Mugshots @ KL Design Week! 2009

Come join in the fun!Click to enlarge

Would love to meet everyone!!! I wanna take photos and hang out. Grab a cup of coffee SU style *grin* It'll be awesome! I would love to give everyone more details about the KLDW event; unfortunately at this point... I'm still scrambling to tie it all in.
Will have more updates closer to date.
Please give us a call if you have any queries!

I'm so excited to see those declarations!!!
To my international readers; feel free to send in your Delectable mugshots too! However the vouchers will be limited to locals who are able to redeem their vouchers at the event personally.
Declarations in all forms are welcomed; send us links; images; all sorts!
We will have Delectable t-shirts, totes, tank tops, cookies, cupcakes and lots more for sale at our 'secret tent'! Lot's of stuff for you to exchange your RM2o for. *grin*

Oh! You must be wondering; who's the adorably delectable bunny rabbit?
Well; Let me introduce you to Jo! He's a new addition to my team. You'll definitely be seeing more of him in the coming weeks. He's mischievous; fluffy and ever so fond of delicious treats!
**kudo's to my (cikgu) Jason for his creative genius

Aight guys; it was a fun morning blurp; but it's back to cakes for me.

Signing off with love, hugs and frosting;


Kai CHan said...

hey Su, Im in! just click on my blog profile & you can access to my blog :D or I hafta send mail?

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

thanks kai :)

aPriL said...

Su-Yin, I'm done featurin myself wif self-confession on my blog too! =p

Uh-oh, btw, will you join together for 60 Earth Hour on that day, 28th Mac 2009 coz fr 8.30pm to 9.30pm, lights will be off to save the world! Hope you can join together wif everyone at Capsquare too! See u there! =D

Gosh, i speak too m