March 12, 2009

I don't mean to be vague.

I bet I'm not the only blogger out there who have wrote pieces which never make it through to the 'publish' button. :S
Especially now that I own a business and a public blog that run side by side; I sometimes feel I should watch what I say, how I say and where I say.
A couple years back; I was free to say whatever the #$*@$ I wanted to say! where the #@*& I decide to say it!*laughs* I didn't need to worry about people judging my professionalism or body image; *shrug* as much as I would like to disregard it; it has finally began to show through my blogging.
Not at all am I implying that I've changed in terms of my views and outlook on things; I still do speak my mind.... Just I guess a little more cautiously. The domino effect... the "he said she said" ...the public scrutiny; it all sends chills down my spine. Hehe I'm too straight to play politics. I'm true to this blog of mine which I choose to keep neutral and un-commercialized.
Of course through the years I've came across a fair number of wolves who have taken bites off of this unsuspecting little red riding hood. Funny how it's changed my perception on reality and the world of business. I've concluded that 'business' is a dirty word.
It's what I do; but it's not easy playing the part of the honest and upfront newbie. I intend to stay grounded to my ethical standards and maintain this sense of social responsibility despite the eyerolls and "ppftts" I get from those far ahead in this rat race.
I do realize I'm part of the minority and I have to be on my toes protecting myself from those who prey on my gullible beliefs; but I know it will be worth it in the end.
I've achieved more than just gathering a handful of 'contacts' in terms of business partners and clients. I've made friends along the way. Friends who will be there for me because they believe in what I do and intend to see me break past my difficult periods. I've been incredibly lucky to have had a host of talented individuals offering to support me with valuable knowledge and opportunities; plainly out of pure kindness. You wouldn't imagine the different interesting challenges I've been offered to dabble in. From design work, to fabric prints, clay sculpting, speeches, pastry development, product testing to the very recent opportunity to do a restaurant review for a magazine! Ridiculous! I was thrilled!!
It was so much fun!! I came home wondering if maybe I should pursue this. I love writing and I'm all about detail, flavours and cultures.
I would love to tell everyone about the restaurant and the food; the chef ...etc. However, the guys down at Best Food Junction will probably not be very happy with me spilling the beans before the publication is out. *laughs*
They brought a professional photographer and I got to watch him do his 'thing'; I was on cloud 9.

**these were taken with my personal silly little SLR; hehe

The chef came out and had a chat with us; and they appreciated my feedback; it was surreal.
Writing an article about cakes is different; it's what I do, i live and breath cakes. Being asked to submit my views on something as different as Japanese food was much more challenging. I sometimes amaze myself when I realize I have little tidbits of information about everything food! *laughs* I must had read too many articles/blogs/cookbooks/food magazines. I've probably been unconsciously storing all this info for years. Funny!


Anonymous said...

These pictures are gorgeous!

Sakorarox said...

really nice! :)

I have a question....what kind of camera do you use?:D

V.Streit said...

The dishes look great.

I try to watch what I say on my blog and on the internet. I know that as soon as you put something out there, it will show sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

how very fun & exciting! Congrats on all the new offers! = D


Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

hi guys; thanks :)

zahra: check out my profile page on my blog for more photography hardware details :D

Aaron said...

Thanks Su!