March 8, 2009

Ipoh: Nostalgia vs Modern Influences

Ipoh is a small town. A quaint placed filled with passionate individuals who are adventurous with flavours and unforgiving when it comes to mediocre tasting food.
Certainly one would expect a place such as this to be naturally introduced to fusion foods from across the globe. Well to be honest; not many dare invest in such ideas; weary of risking reputation and competition from local hawker favourites.
You'll be surprised to discover that those who have taken the plunge and kept high standards have been doing awfully well for themselves. I've eventually concluded that Ipoh-ians pay well for great food. I wouldn't compare both champions of fine dining and roadside hawker side by side in an attempt to distinguish the better. It's a whole different dimension of comparison! Not possible; they'd probably both share a tie for the gold medal in my books. Hehe
I have "Su's little google guide" for those who want to make a quick hit and run in this food haven I call home.
Don't visit Ipoh without Su's food guide! Click on the little balloons for details on my favourite eateries.

Of course there are more than these several I have made mentions to; I definitely suggest scouting a local guide to help show you the ropes.
It is incredibly easy to be mistaken about the way food is priced in Ipoh. The tiny nostalgic corners could cost just as much as a decent meal of Mod-oz deliciousness. All I can tell you is; eat what you like, either way... it's going to be Delicious! I have this theory; in Ipoh, every restaurant/hawker is decent. If it isn't; it's probably going to be shut next week. *grin* I don't kid when I say Ipoh-ians are brutal with food. Word spreads quickly amongst us foodies!

Just to share; here are clips from 2 extremely contrasting meals I've had with the family. Located just a short 2 minutes drive away from each other. Ipoh and it's diversity; it's hard not to fall in love.

Hung Kee; Hasn't much changed since I was 8. and according to aunts, uncles and grandpa; it hasn't much changed since their time either.

Indulgence; Restaurant and Boutique Hotel; Don't leave without having tasted the Tiramisu!


Anonymous said...

Oh! I was in Malaysia recently (just a quick trip to Penang and Malacca) and I adored it! The food was so amazing and the people we met were so kind.
This post makes me want to go back so badly!

Chef C said...

Su, are you still in Ipoh? you should do a review of the following local foods and snacks:
1) Taugeh Chicken
2) Hor Hee
3) Ipoh-styled dried wonton noodle at the old town
4) Menglembu groundnuts (Pagoda and Fisherman would be my choices)
5) juicy pomelos from Tambun
6) salty baked chicken
7) "chicken biscuits" originated from Bidor, but can be found abundantly in Ipoh these days

iwhip.iwok.icraft said...

I love e ipoh hor fun! *yum*

Great guide!

Anonymous said...

I REMEMBER THE CAKES.. mmm.. die la i dont wanna go home and become fatter. :( - but but ur taking me to go eat when i go home right right right?


Anonymous said...

can't agree with you more that Ipoh is all the about its famous food! Those who are interested to visit Ipoh must expect to be eating all the time!

I would love to recommend another spot which is selling Chicken Taugeh. I think its the best so far! It's located in Old Town - known as the House of Mirrors or its name 'Tean Chun'. It starts its business at about 11am till 3pm. A must try! You'll definitely will go back for more!

Sippity Sup said...

I very much want to visit Ipoh. I am needing a vacation and had never really considered it before. I'll research it! GREF

Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog for a while now...your food really inspried me... and your photography of food is just fantastic!!!

Keep up the good work, im sure you will go very far.

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

Hi guys! hope you will find time to hunt down my fav ipoh hideouts. Would love to give everyone a personal tour if I can haha

Chef C: haha I'm back there every other week. There are TOO many delicacies in Ipoh; many more up and coming items people arent aware of as well. We've moved on from the classics. You must make a visit!

xieng: die!!! hjahahaha

Anonymous: mirror house has been known as a classic ipoh place to eat but I've tried it recently and found too much MSG in the food and extremely long waiting times. The drinks and the other hawkers have deteriorated in terms of quality as well. I wouldnt recommend it personally. THere are many other places in Ipoh which are better these days.

GREF: come and I'll give you a grand tour! :D

share a little happiness: Heyhey; thanks :)

EADotCom said...

Su, as a fellow Ipoh born, please dont forget the popiah. Now that I am based in East Malaysia, I truly miss that and Ipoh has the BEST popiah (non fried!)