March 7, 2009

The Dodo in all of us.

It's nice to see friends poking fun at each other and having a laugh about it!This set was done for a very special client of mine who wanted a gag gift for a girlfriend of hers. It was an incredibly sweet and funny surprise for her. Made me wish at times I had a group of close knit girlfriends who are close by; to call for lunch; to take a walk with.. I guess at this age; most of us are dispersed around the world pursuing our careers; I do miss my girls lots every step of the way.
Reverting back to light-hearted mentions; the main theme for the cakes were Dodo birds. Dodo?!
I was a little confused initially; why would they want extinct birds all over the cupcakes! Haha
I then went to one of my favourite online resources :
Relating to the extinct and perpetually bungling Dodo bird. Used to describe someone without common sense and who always has the pathetic confused look on their face when a question is asked.
My perception of the design theme and process then became much easier to work on. Haha too funny!
At the delivery; the birthday girl wasn't a dodo at ALL! Wow! she was a corporate professional; stylishly dressed and impressively charming; I have to admit though; she was a little quiet and taken aback when we turned up at her office with birthday wishes and cake. I guess she was in shock! Haha it took her awhile to fully appreciate the moment. I love it when we succeed at 'surprise deliveries'.
It was incredibly cute and heartwarming; she flipped the card and had a sheepish snicker at an cheeky little message we had attached from her girlfriends.

It's nice to be able to acknowledge the blonde moments we all have individually. I laugh at myself to squirm out of embarrassing situations....and to be honest; being the klutz that I am, I have enough moments to fill an entire triple tier file cabinet! *laughs* The first tier for physical klutziness; the second for verbal diarrhea and the bottom set aside for the many times I misplaced, misread and misinterpreted.

*Whats with the puma jacket?hmm.. it was a private little joke about nicknames and a boyfriend.. I wasn't sure what it was; clients never exactly disclose as much juicy details as I would like them to sometimes....
*giggle* it's cause they know I own a blog... a PUBLIC blog... *evil grin*


Anonymous said...

WOW WOW WOW!! the intricate details are amazing and gorgeous!!

Chef C said...

Very cute little birds you've got there. Cuckoos will do too!

lifeis2munch said...

they all look so cute and yummy! do you make delivery to singapore?

Unknown said...

ahhhh i miz u too girlfriend! mwahhh =)

Elizabeth said...


How did u write the happy birthday ? Its so nice.


Mommy and Daddy said...


I love your cakes and consider you my idol! I'm a baker (for fun) only. Hey quick question. I really like your letter set. Can you tell me what brand it is? Is it FMM? Please advice.. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! The best!
Dodos are my absolute favourite. You're so lucky you got to do some gum paste/fondant dodos! I wish someone would order that from me!

Anonymous said...

Your cupcakes are awesome! I was wondering where I could buy the cupcake cups from? They look so much better then those normal ones that flare out.

I live in Australia. Any online stores you could recommend?

=) T

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

hehe cuckoos? thats funny.
i'd rather be called a dodo though. :P

If it's worth my trouble; we deliver as far as planes carry us. Of course costing for this is a different issue.

elizabeth: letter cutters :)

ada: erm; all sorts; i pulled off the wrapper im not familiar with the brands but i know for sure I use FFM items.

tyla: our local bakery stores hold them. I try to get the expensive ones though; the cheaper ones wear out too quickly. In australia... hmm i'd suggest
they are in sydney.