January 17, 2009

Breaking my back raking in Prosperity this Chinese New Year!

I've learnt something new this Lunar new year.
I will never again attempt to make commitments for a gazillion detailed designer cookies by hand....on my own!
I forget sometimes that I'm not part factory machinery. I'm actually just a fleshy little human; young and energetic, but with only slightly stronger than usual stamina and resistance to pain.
Repeating each themed cookie and its many components many many times can really take a toll on my crouched neck and shoulders after about a stiff 15 hours over my work bench a day. I often am greeted with a loud crack as I look up for a stretch. Pretty ouch. No kidding.
I'm sure mom will be able to tell a good story about her 600+ pineapple tarts too! Haha She's a champ.
I suppose it takes falling shoulder blades and bent backbones to convince me that there are things I that I often misjudge when it comes to difficulty and level of detail. When i break it all down; it takes me at least 12-15 minutes to finish each cookie. The many colours; kneading; painting; wording; sculpting... oh.. the JOY! haha I wish it was Christmas again! Compared to these; the penguins were a walk in the park. Ridiculous! ...Cookies are evil. I'm going to remember that next year! haha We live and learn.
Aight! Quit the whining su yin! Get back to work! Those cookies ain't going to decorate themselves...
Ahhh, the sweet sound of self motivation.
I like doing hampers though... those are lots of fun to scout and shop for. It's nice to add modern twists to boring ol baskets of Chinese gifts.
Thanks to the many who placed orders! It's going to be yummy!


Tasha said...

Wow.....you're amazing. I don't think I could do it. That is a lot of work. You're motivation will pay off in the end.
One thing for sure....they look fabulous as always.

Catlin Humes said...

Beautiful designs.

Anonymous said...

They look really yummy...Great effort! *applause*

V.Streit said...

You're a machine!

I've always wondered...where do you get the plastic containers to hold your cakes and cookies? I'm trying to find containers to hold a couple cookie orders for valentines, but I haven't found anything great yet.

Anonymous said...

wow.. You are impressive.. They are absolutely gorgeous.. but so time consuming!! Time to get an apprentice to do all your hard work while you sit back and relax hehe =)

rokh said...

whoa kudos for all the hardwork, rememeber to stretch once in a while ;) and you mon's its really a champ, 600!!

Lance Tang said...

i like the ancient money (yuan bao) idea!!! love it!
how u make it gold color!??!
awesome awesome~~

Unknown said...

gong xi fa cai to you and family.

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

Hi guys! thanks lots for the supportive comments. haha It's nice to know its been worth the trouble :) hehe
I'm having a few days of rest now; so it's been just great!

Veronica: I get them from a local decoration store

anderson: I paint it with gold leaf liquid food colour. Expensive..but very pretty! :)