January 13, 2009

A picture blurp of Cute little baby things!

I remember a time where I had more words than I had pictures.
*laughs* the good old days; where I had the luxury of sitting perched solid as I spoke my mind on this journal of mine. It takes me days to complete a single posting since the business has taken off. It's a good thing in some sense; I'm so grateful that things are shaping up to be pretty promising.
The well wishes continue to greet me in my inbox every morning and I am so encouraged to bring what I do to another level. It really means more than the world to me that people believe in what I have to offer. Implementing these hopes of mine just gets a little tough when i'm working on my own.
With Chinese New year just around the corner; it gets even more difficult trying to coordinate myself with juggling and resolving other aspects of my business growth.
Yes I do many cakes a week; I barely have time to photograph or write about each and every one of them anymore. I could never leave this blog of mine. I could never bare to put it to sleep.
It's what brought me here. I owe the spark of my dreams and aspirations to this url I call my Journal. Without it and the people who visit it; right now, I'd probably be working as a 9-5 quantity surveyor. ...*shivers* haha Scary thought.


Wendy said...

Hi Su!
Congrats on your new business take off! Just hop over to your site, a great one indeed!
Look forward to more posts here and a chance to taste your creations one day.


Anonymous said...

I know how you felt Su! I'm still in that stage talking and thinking how to put my words at work!!!I envy you so much that you are able to finally start your business..It's also my dream, just don't know when will it come true..*sigh* Good Luck Su!Shape up 'coz you'll be needing lot of energy for that!!!God Bless and More Power- Phia

Unknown said...

Hey Su,
I’m a long time reader and this is the first time leaving a comment. As a 9-5 software developer I read your blog daily to remind myself dream do come true sometimes. I admire your courage because I, too, dream about the day I can do what I love and do it well. Please keep this blog alive for people like me. :)
Dong Xi Fa Cai
Elena from Toronto

Anonymous said...

Hai Su

Read ur blog everyday. Am always happy to see the cakes/cupcakes that u make . Wish i could buy it one day. Good Luck n Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Chrystal said...

I'm so jealous of your creativity.
Must be the best to have so much passion in what you can do best!

:-) Love your blog..

Tasha said...

I'm so much older than you and all I can say......"I wanna be like you when I grow up."
These are adorable.

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

Hi guys!!
thanks for leaving comments.. haha
Dont stop dreaming!! NEver!! your day to shine is never far away! I'm still waiting on mine. We've got to keep each other pumped and full of spirit! hehe

caroline: I'll have the logistics worked out ASAP! I promise :)

tasha: you are too sweet.It's never too late remmember? hehe