January 20, 2009

Life VS Work

Barely half a year into getting down and dirty with my job; I'm already beginning to question if it's taking over my life. I say slowly... but surely.
Neglecting health, loved ones, meals, exercise, fun and social activities is just the beginning of this obsession of mine for work. I'm starting to use those 2 very contrasting words synonymously. It's a scary thought.
As you can imagine; I've been alerted by many caring individuals about how it's beginning to get a little out of hand; but I defend this love of mine... this love for Work.
I convince myself that it is all I want to do in this point in my youth. I make up reasons and excuses in my head to reassure myself that I'm doing the right thing. *tsk tsk*
I finally took a step back and saw for myself today; I am now finally convinced; I want to make this dream happen! but this is not the approach to success.
I'm glad it came to me early. It took many brilliant friends with wise words to shake me off this perception that all I had that was important was work. I had forgotten to spend time with my friends, to show my family I care and to take time to practice my other hobbies.. I hadn't taken a good photograph in AGES! and I haven't written in days.. well; that's never a good thing.
I'm going to spend these last waking moments.... surfing itunes, updating my blog; answering my blogger mails; writing to my boyfriend and organizing my photographs.
I'm even going to make something special for the family to celebrate the New Year with in the morning! That should make mom and dad real happy.
My CNY cookies are finally finished and are all tray-ed. Can't wait to finish handing them out tomorrow evening.
There are more cakes to cover; cupcakes to decorate; articles to write for and designs to quote.. but that can all wait. For once this week, Su is sleeping before 4am. I'm determined to make that happen! *grin*

Not exactly going to leave this post bare, un-delicious or cake-less.
Here's a couple of photos taken at the recent bridal expo at the Midvalley Exhibition center.
Thanks to those who came by to say hi :) Haha It's always funny to be recognized as the 'cookingismypassion' girl!

I had my Delectable cakes on display at Victoria's booth. Heart to Heart always creates such amazingly classy set ups. The perfect backdrop my prettier girly cakes. Hehe. It was so much fun sharing my weekend with Victoria and her funny hubby Melvin. Check out his website; he does awesome wedding photography.
Thanks guys! XX


Anonymous said...

hi su, it's the same everywhere - even if you work for people. we also have to slog and work lots of OT, missing our exercise, families and hobbies...

at the end of the day you're doing something that you LOVE for YOURSELF. isn't that very important? and you can, in a way, control your own time and productivity.

a word of advice - don't overwork yourself and burn out - that passion can be lost too. and we certainly don't wanna see that happening to an ultra talented girl like you! take care of yourself... love your work, and guts! -yl

Jennywenny said...

Good for you, take a break, you're awesome and I'm looking forward to seeing how far you go!

Anonymous said...

Your cakes look amazing, tasty works of art!

Anonymous said...

An old saying by Confucious 'A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step' and in the end its the journey that matters not the goal, i'm glad you've slowed down a lil'bit from the crazy fast pace work life. There's no point in working and making money if u can't stop once in awhile and take this wonderful world in.

'You can never have time if u never make time.'

Love, JoHyeon

Anonymous said...

Dear Sue,

Its Laurie the wedding planner from Bake me a cake! I understand how you feel, I think of how my life would have been different if I had not started my business, I would see my frineds more, be thinner, happier etc, but then I think of all the lives I have touched and people I have met, its true we sacrafice so much for the love of wht we do. Every artist suffers for their art, do the ends justify the means? That is a question we much each decide for ourselves. You have an amazing God given talent and it was meant to be shared with the world! Every day I try to find a balance between work and home. I wiah you all the luck in the world!
Miss Bliss

Anonymous said...

your cakes are amazing and its funny how the people who encouraged you in the first place are now the people who are feeling left out...
sometimes you have to sacrafice things to get what you want... you are your own boss... so you can pick your hours.. but you also want to grow your company...
its a hard balance...

Anonymous said...

Hi Su Yin

Your work is absolutely beautiful. You are so inspiring. If I am ever in Malaysia, I would love to taste your masterpieces.

Its hard to keep everyone happy. Its good that you realise that early but when you're as passionate as yourself about something you love doing, it can be so difficult. Keep up the good work. And don't forget who you are.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm delurking to say, hang on! Your works have always inspired me and i think you're blessed to have your family and friends around :) Life is sometimes like that, when we are too focused on something, especially our dreams and passions, we tend to miss out the other important things. Do take care, remember to have breaks for you and those you love... you deserve it!

Mia said...

hi su,
great site and mouthwatering cakes. i was wondering, where did you stay when you were in orlando. i am sttending the class next semester but i am not sure where to stay. perhaps you could recommend? let's say, somewhere near the school, clean and hmm...cheap too

Tracy P. said...

Realizations and convictions... these are so good for the soul! Respond to them and make changes where necessary. Breathe, relax, be grateful for all that you have achieved... and take care of yourself!
Praying for you.

sc said...

hello! just popping by to wish you a happy chinese niu year! always remember, work life balance...i was a workaholic years back and the impact on my health was not worth it at all. so, take good care of yourself! btw, the cakes are all so gorgeous!

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

Hi everyone! thanks so much for leaving comments.. hahaha.. it's so extremely sweet of everyone to remind me that it will be worth all of it in the end.
I've just had a few days of rest. Am back to work today!

laurie: it's so nice to hear from you! :) THanks for the words of advice.

jo: love you :)

melvin: GOING!! GOING!! haha

K.A: I lived in metrowest. im sure the school will be able to help you with accomodation recommendations.

sc: Happy new year to you too!!!

jeanette said...

U inspire me......love all your works