November 11, 2008

Starstruck much?

*giggle* Su gets a little nervous and shy around celebrities.
You won't believe how lucky she got!

I was commissioned to do the birthday cake of Miss Marion Caunter.
The stunningly beautiful, charming and talented Marion that we see posted all over billboards, VJ-ing on Channel V and making Malaysians proud to have her as one of us!
I admit; having came home just recently; I haven't been keeping up to date with the new trends and faces; but wow...was I blown away by this incredibly outstanding young lady. When I heard from her cousin in Singapore; I did throw in a couple hours of research to read through interviews and look at a couple articles to get a feel of what Marion would like. By the end of the night; I almost felt I knew her personally! haha I had to get the cake concept down pat!
Truth be told, I have only been around her for less than 15 minutes, presented her a cake, shook her hand and shared 2 words... but I'm already a fan. *laughs* I can't help myself... I'm silly like that. *grin*
You know the beautiful types you can't help but look twice at? ... well.. I couldn't stop staring *blush*
and the best thing of all; She LOVED her cake!!! *does a victory dance*

She even had a white Chanel bag with her that afternoon! Coincidence?! Ridiculous!
She was too cute; she went "Pass me my bag; I want a photo with it!"
too funny.
Despite my inability to get a hold of myself amongst her well established friends and family, I left the venue feeling regal... I couldn't help smiling to myself....thinking.. "Marion loved her cake and I made it!" I was ecstatic. My drivers seat felt like cloud 9 as I made my way back home.
I wonder if I'll get to do her cake in 2009! *grin*

*a big thanks to everyone involved in her surprise gift. :) Appreciate the opportunity very much.


Jennywenny said...

congratulations on another stunning cake. I'm sure that I'd be starstruck if I were to meet you, you're an amazing decorator!

Anonymous said...

i have a does one eat a cake like you have any pictures f how its cut and served?

love your stuff su and wish you the best....i think someday you will be very famous and successful all over the world for your cakes.

i.d. said...

Congratulations! That is awesome, and the cake looks stunning (as usual).

Sushers said...

the cake is so very chic! haven't dropped by in quite a while. but i've always admired your baking and cooking skills, su yin!
i'm glad you're getting a chance to fulfill a dream of yours and i wish you all the best!
i always drop by when i want spurts of baking inspiration and am just hungry at night. :P


GoodyFood said...

Wow This is speechless! It is so nice! How long do you take to do that?

Family First said...

Wah, you so happy & lucky meet celebrity! I once met Asha Gill and had a pic taken with her .. and I was over the moon too! Err .. do you know who Asha Gill is ah?

Anonymous said...

u r just great!!!!! i wouldnt wanna eat the cake though, wld prob stare at it and thinking how did u make it!! u are so creative!!!
btw, can email me? perhaps a cake for my kids' birthday in future..

Anonymous said...

beautiful. and the cake is nice too ;)

Chef C said...

hi Su,

You know you have created something special when people can't stop talking about it for hours, days, weeks and even years to come....such is the wonder of a special birthday gift - an everlasting memory. bravo!

Anonymous said...

Hee hee niiiceee!! You have joined the star scene ;) I should have got your autograph back then :S hee hee

Laurel said...

I am always amazed at the details that can be put into cake/fondant/modeling chocolate by talented bakers like yourself! Beautiful! The shoes are amazing right down to the "stitches" and the fact that they're free-standing. The detail on the wallet in the purse... wow! O_O With your talent, I bet you become as famous (and well paid!!!) as Duff on Ace of Cakes. It's always so much fun to visit your site... your pictures are cute and I love hearing about your exploits. ^_^

Anonymous said...

I'll be starstruck if I met you :) I've read your blog every now and then when I need some inspiration. You are so talented and very creative. And when it comes to cake and cupcakes, I'll tell my friends to check out your blog.

Annie said...

I gaze awestruck at your creations all the time - I don't think I have ever seen cakes as brilliant as yours. Now we just have to wait until you are making them back in Sydney!

Anonymous said...

i think you're close to becoming a star. Now i'm starstruck!

Anonymous said...

I choose you Pikachuuuu!!

Anonymous said...

su yin, i've been visiting ur blog 4 quite sum time, it's a link from other blog i frequented. while i'm not a fan in leaving comments but i just must this time. I just had a weird dream this morning. it's so very weird because it's about u, who i never know in person. i was at a place, where a press con of sort is going on and i saw a cake with a goal post and players around it and immediately thought you must be the one decorating it. while everybody is singing praises about how yummy ur cake is, i was looking around to see u in person. the setting is like back to the future - u don't look exactly like the pic in ur profile, more matured looking. u hv a big team with u it seems and it is a huge place with lotsa food, cakes, pancakes, all sorts of delicacies. i don't know y u come to my dream, it is so odd but i believe u r shooting for the stars. the huge thing about this dream is u r still such a humble and nice person. i believe u r in person. wish u all the very best. hope our paths cross one day.

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

Hi everyoneee~ haha sorry bout the late replies. It's been really hectic in terms of 'writing' for me lately. THanks all for leaving kind words and pleasant comments. hehe.. *blush* it's all too much..*giggle*
I would maybe one day take photos of the cake 'cutting' hehe.

goody: it took about a day and a bit.

familyfirst: yeap! haha shes pretty

wan: woww... hahaha thats very weird! haha I do look lots more amtured that my pic though...that was taken a LONNGGG time ago. I suppose i havnt changed it because people remember the 'pic' as Su. Don't exactly wanna change it just yet.. haha not ready to reveal a 'new' su :P

Would love to meet you one day :)

k said...


Anonymous said...

hi su,my name is ambika... like your work a lot.

i just happen to notice that both of those shoe belongs to the same leg(if i am right, its right leg).

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think your favorite color is you chose white color shoo,bag etc.although white also my favorite color.thank you for shearing your post.

Tsu Lin + + said...

Wow Su, I'm floored! Your cake-decorating skills made my humble Chocolate Cloud Cake (that I recently learnt to make) seemed so... messy & raw & lookd like rubbish! :P

Beautiful, I'm sure it tasted as good as it looked.