November 9, 2008

a Crazy type-a ORange.

Very rarely do I get to make 'crazy' orange coloured cakes.
I've actually never done this particular shade and I must say; it was a lot of fun.
It created a very dramatic effect matched with black and silver don't you think?Wasn't too big a fan of the orange and white.. but i suppose when you put the pieces together; you get a nice contrast with dark and light.This particular piece actually got me into abit of trouble..well, to be fair; I was to blame for all the excessive stress... it wasn't the cake; this good little cake and it's crowning fondant glory did not misbehave at all. In fact; it even withstood the rain... 'mist-blowers'...and heat at the outdoor party. Those who are familiar with fondant can definitely understand it isn't usually the case. Malaysian humidity kills all things sugar along it's treacherous path.
So what's the stress?
Well.. *twiddles thumbs*...
I dropped it.
dropped it, tipped it over, hugged it with my arms to save it on it's way down, broke it in a million places..
haha... Em glanced over as I yelped in shock. I could tell she was pissed. *laughs* She had purposely left it in a safe spot and she could not understand why I still had to fiddle with it! *guilty*
It was 30 minutes before our delivery time...and here I was; holding a broken cake. I thought I'd be completely ticked off with frustration but I surprisingly let out a pout and a sheepish grin. All i could think of was DAMAGE CONTROL!!!ASAP!!!
I didn't exactly have much left to work with.. and I was incredibly desperate to get it to the party looking complete. It was raining all day and the minute I got the cake out of the house into the airconditioned car, half my 'fixed' pieces have already fallen over and given up on me. *sigh*
This is what it looked like BEFORE...and this is it post trauma, *tsk tsk* **edit note: On no account was the cake on the floor or even in close proximity to it. I catched it with clean hands! and thats exactly how I ruined it. The cake was perfectly clean and good to eat :)

I was determined to finally fix it when I got to the venue; but the whole set-up of the place wasn't exactly as cake-friendly as I had expected. I basically used the broken ends to put together an extra circle and 21 on it! haha.. more orange.. more patching... eventually I got it to look 'unbroken' again.
But you what? Everyone was happy... it looked good after I had put them together.. I didn't get a chance to meet the birthday girl; but I did get a fair number of positive comments as I was setting up. Her family thought the faces resembled her and the motif of her favourite tribal blossom was pretty cool as well.These swirl-ies and patch-type 'organic' style is so distinctively 'Su'. Haha I wonder if how long will it take for me to be inspired differently. Painting on cakes is fun too... but Sis thinks its a bad idea.. I suppose because she paints much better than I do. *tsk tsk* I need more chances to practice! *grin*


Unknown said...

wonderful post

Big Boys Oven said...

this is awesome, so beautiful and so thrilling to see!

bahiyahnor said...

i can imagine how u felt when you dropped the cake... i dropped my best friend's 21st birthday cake once, and i felt like crying. lucky thing it happened a few hours before the party, thank god i had some time to fix it... haha...

i love the colours - orange and black. reminds me of haloween actually... very rare colours used on birthday cakes..

anyhow, the cake doesn't look broken... i think it's beautiful... before and after the trauma... haha..

great work!

Anonymous said...

Hey Su,

I don't know how good of an idea it is to post mistakes like this about your client's cakes =S..

o.o that kinda thing =|...

;_; this is a bit of a dilemma Dx would love to read about your triumphs and close saves... but i don't know how good it is for business? =S!?!?!

L said...

Wow. I love this!

Anonymous said...

omigod su yin i want that cake but in all shades of pink..i want i wanttt

Anonymous said...

I got a glimpse of your work area from one of the pics!
I would love to see where you work, and where you store things (I thought I saw some paint brushes!)
I am just super curious!
Would love to see your kitchen... haven't seen it since Australia... well, I might have gotten some glimpses of your kitchen in Florida, but please post some pics!! =)

fatboybakes said...

awww, so pwetty....dropped or not, it doesnt look any worse for wear.

deannalee said...

hi dedade/su: good or bad for business , it is rather hard to say. but knowing Su from her blog, she is so honest about her work and creation that i wouldnt mind knowing the truth.

first of all, no one wish for the cake to fall. it fell but not to the floor, so it was a misadventure.

a business is an adventure. one never knows how the client will receive yr decoration/idea.
but if it comes from the heart, it is really all right. knowing su, money is not everything to her...rather her passion in baking/cooking/deco...

Dee baker said...

Agree with you Ahta.

Even though I don't know her personally but after reading so much of her blog I do feel like I got to know her through her blog.

Su is a person who is driven by passion and inspiration in baking/cooking/deco and that is what matters most to her client.
*hug* *hug*

Anonymous said...

u forgot to endorse ur pic

Anonymous said...

hi.. i've been reading your blog for quite sometime now..
i'm always wondering what type of cupcake liners do u use in the photos?
it doesn't seem like those paper liners that those supermarket sells..
it makes it looks so neat and proffestional!!!

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

HI guys; thanks for leaving comments.. :) Appreciate it.

dedade: haha it wasn't contaminated; i swear!! :P

anonymous: hmm i just might real soon! hehe

HUgs to ahta and dewi ;) hehe

anonymous: oh... haha slipped my mind. not important; it'll be okay

winny: I buy them from local specialty baking stores in malaysia.