November 15, 2008

Ben10 twins!

Ben10 really is every cake decorator's nightmare.
Mickey; Ariel; Pocahontas or even Garfield really ain't so bad when you compare it to a little boy who can transform himself into 10 different monsters! The monsters aren't exactly 'lochness' in likeness either! various sizes... magnitude of shades & colours and a million tiny details to boot! Ahh.. it really is a nightmare to replicate in sugar.
I sneak in a slight sigh of fear every time I open my inbox and find a request for a Ben10 cake. This energetic; omnimatrix wearing, villain fighting little Ben really is the 'in' thing with the young kids. I suppose it is something they feel they can relate to. It's like when pokemon took off; the main character is an ordinary kid, with a special gadget which makes him special..and I suppose Ben10 created that same scenario for little boys to fantasize and be inspired.
You must be wondering why my ben has 2 omnimatrixes instead of 1. Well this ben10 project is special. It was uniquely crafted for a pair of ADORABLE twins!... yes inCRedibly adorable!.. they were the most handsome pair of little boys I've seen in awhile.
Em and I showed up a little late at the party from getting lost amongst the housing estates we weren't familiar with. When we finally arrived and entered the gates of the kindy... I heard a loud continuous booming of squeals from the inside. I looked at Em.. and thought to myself... *oh no*..we're going in there?!
Luckily..Jaclyn; the sweet mommy helped usher us in to show us it was perfectly 'okay'.
There were at least 80 pairs of tiny legs running about in the miserable little space, screaming and shouting like it was a party. Why... I forget;.. it was a party; i suppose they have permission to be overly excited that morning.
Within minutes Em and I were surrounded by curious little faces chanting oo's and wahh's. I was nervous.. I had no idea why; but I felt so much pressure that my fingers trembled a little. Haha the kids were all standing around pressuring me to 'perform'. *laughs* the kids were incredibly excited and were harassing poor em with questions. She looked up and gave me a cute little forced grin *hehe*.. she looked like she was having fun.

The best part of the morning was when an adorable little 'Ben' walked up to us, peered over..and exclaimed 'my cakee!~' A couple of minutes later.. appears another one! AHhh too cute! both of them in costume...trying to pick out the ones they wanted. Haha I made 2 omnimatrixes out of cake for them to have a special large piece of cake each; but I think they were more interested in the elaborately decorated cupcakes.

Having always been an artsy snob; I've never actually used edible images before. Haha I do admit; I use to think they were too uninteresting and flat. There really isn't much dimension in it when you have edible images plastered all over a cake. I recently decided to give it a try before ruling it out...and I do think that the images are really helpful and if used creatively; it can really bring out the little details in a cake quickly and effectively. I used different heights and did a bit of bulking.. it's pretty cool... too bad I can't find a printer I need to buy my own food colour cartridge. Anyone out there with an old old canon ip3000?

*thanks Jaclyn.. it was heaps of fun. Please do send my regards to your husband and adorable pair of boys.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I love your latest creation of the Ben 10 cakes. I think they are so beautifully done! Great job!

Jacss said...

hey Su,

wow...while i already admired & was so impressed with this masterpiece of yours specially dedicated to my boys, what made me more ecstasy now was knowing the hard works & challenges u faced behind the scene!! Much Appreciation was indeed a marvelous masterpiece!!
thanks for leaving us with such a great & memorable birthday celebration!!

i'd honestly penned down couple of sincere & appreciative words just for YOU in a post, do check it out:

Warmest Regards from,
Jaclyn, Stephen, Sean & Scot!!

Family First said...

Looks just sooo adorable!

Anonymous said...

wow..i love your Ben 10 cupcakes. Did you draw it for the alien or use edible image? You know how to impress your reader and your customer, great job Su! I'm looking forward your next posting...

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! I loved yr Ben 10 cakes. My boy is crazy over Ben 10.Shame you are not in Sydney anymore :)
Well done..I am so in awe of yr talent and dedication.Your cakes look too good to eat.
Good luck, Su..

Rei said...

Hi, your Ben 10 creations are incredible! My girl asked me for a Ben 10 cake for her birthday. The mere thought of it is a nightmare! I managed to persuade her to take a castle cake instead. :p Look forward to see more of your work.

pingmouse said...

amazing su! Im at awe :P


definitely gorgeous!!!even for Ben 10!!!

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

Haha Ben10 is still a vague blur for me. I've been getting more and more requests for ben10 cakes recently.

jacss: thanks so much for the sweet post! hehe i'm glad it helped make your twin's birthday a memorable one.

lovetobake: edible image ;) hehehe aliens are sooo hard to do!

Anonymous said...

double wow! you are really good!

1+2mom said...

I came accross from Jaclyn blog, it was so amaze of your ben10 cake. I love your cake deco so much.

Anonymous said...

I love Ben 10! And I'm 27 years old.. Haha..

You did a great, no make it a superbly fantastic job on the Ben 10!


Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhh, Su-bee!!!, All that detail would have driven me nuts!
They turned out great. the airbrushing looks good. And I assume that the intricately detailed cupcakes are transfer sheets?