November 16, 2008

Little things that keep me passionate.

Cooking is my passion.. it was and it still is;
...but to that list; I've added baking, cake decorating, pastry arts, chocolate, food photography and many more silly little hobbies. Not only did I have passion to sustain one love... I had enough to bring on more challenges to learn new things; to show passion in my newly acquired skills.
I've often been asked; "How is this possible in such a short period of time?"
...I do sometimes stop to wonder.
Here is what I know.
A singer without fans has merely a voice,
A writer without a book has merely words,
and a blogger without readers has merely a page in this infinite space.

...and for passionate little Su; the entrepreneur without supporters is merely left with a dream.
Kind words from faithful readers, thoughtful emails and supportive gestures from friends and family is everything that makes this all possible.
I do acknowledge how difficult things will be for me in the near future....but i dare not disappoint those who believe in what I do.
Some choose to think that Su inflates her ego with daily compliments and sweet emails from strangers all day... but truth is; it is barely enough to feed her confidence! haha
Second guessing myself must be one of my favourite past times. *blush* So silly! hehe
A little girl wrote me a thank you note a few days ago, for these cupcakes that I had prepared for her and sis to present to their teachers at school.

It wasn't prepared for what I was about to feel. I was so extremely blown away by her sincerity and charm.... I could picture exactly how excited and delighted she was from how she wrote.. I must have read it a million times. This little girl is so expressive in her writing...
In my opinion she pens better than most older kids can attempt!
I can't help but share a few lines of this incredibly adorable email! *giggle* I hope my sweet little angel wont mind.

Hello Magician Cheh-cheh,
I wanted to thank you for making my teachers so happy, so I begged mummy for your email address.
Do you know why I call you magician cheh-cheh? Because only a magician can turn everything into a cake! I visit yout blog during my one hour surfing time on Saturdays, to stare at all the super cool cakes that you made.
....When I came from school yesterday and saw the cupcakes, I was so excited that I was jumping up and down. Mummy had to hold on to me, worried that I might damage the cupcake. I like the LV cupcake best - it looked so real. I thought mummy cut out the handle from her LV bag. Haha! I was so shocked when mummy told me that you made it. It is so are so clever, cheh-cheh. Three cheers to you..
I brought the cupcakes to school this morning for my teachers. My daddy helped me to hold the boxes when I gave them to my teachers. They were so surprised with my thank-you gift, and so shocked with your better-than-magic cupcakes. One of my teachers thought that it was a box of toys! Can you imagine?
Mummy, Daddy, Cheh-Cheh and I was so excited over your cupcakes that we forgot to take any picture of them. So silly, huh?
Oh, we ate the cupcakes that you gave us last night. It was super yummy delicious. Normally Mummy does not take any cakes, but after taking a small bite of the mocha from Daddy, she wanted to whole cupcake to herself. She refused to share with any of us!
The other flavour was lemon, right? Mummy stole a small bite from me, and liked it too. You know, Mummy would normally take a small bite of any dessert from Daddy only. This is the first time I see her finish an entire cupcake, in record time too. You are simply the best of the best!

Luv & Kisses,

P/S Daddy gave me special permission tonight to use my notebook (I normally only get to use my notebook on Saturdays

It's these little feelings that make EVErything worthwhile. It makes risks worth taking.. it gives meaning to this dream I hang on to so persistently. I want to meet her and her sis one day... I'm sure they are just as charming as their lovely mom.
Thank you darling Arianna for being the cherry a top my cupcake!


Chef C said...

I'm a fan...not only do you make lovely cupcakes, you have a lovely personality...

Anonymous said...

You are amazing, I am so impressed with your work. How lovely that the young girl wrote such a beautiful note. Indeed, gestures like that keep one going through the tougher moments. All the best!

Anonymous said...

aww >< so cute!! hehe im such a blog lurker... i check ur blog so often XP but i hardly comment XP...but here i am!! hehe Cheers from Vancity!! =D


Anonymous said...

Hi Su, great job!

Just wondering, would you term your cakes as halal, i.e. suitable for Muslims' consumption? Do you use any alcohol in them?

Anonymous said...

Hi, how did you emboss the fondant (in pic#3)? Do you need a special tool? Where can I find it? Thanks so much for sharing.-LL

Anonymous said...

im your fan also, su.... *giggles
you keep amazing me all the time.
i still wondering when i can come to KL and order a lot of cupcake from you....

keep on do magic, dear

V.Streit said...

awww :) How sweet of the girl to write you a letter. :)

Simply amazing designs. Gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

hi Su,
indeed u r so blessed. Do u ever think dat? Remember to thank God for it ok. It's true, like chef c says, ur personality is your most salient characteristic.
Once u have made it to the top, don't forget to help others less fortunate. U will feel so good about being able to help others & God will reward u in return. Each time I read ur post, i feel so proud of u. It's strange how a stranger can have such emotions for a total stranger ya. But then again, i visit your blog almost every other day, I feel like I know u. Anyway, jz wanted to say, keep it up girl.

Anonymous said...

Awww that's so cute hee hee I want some cupcakes tooooo!!

Anonymous said...

Su, you're just fantastic. a real baker with a talent that only you can have. the cakes decorated by you are really one of a kind. i am so happy that i stumbled on your blog.

i'm really looking forward at the faces of my family and friends when they receive your xmas cakes!!!!

stay strong in this long and creative endeavour!!!! you'll always have my support....

Breadpitt said...

u are so talented with this , sue!

Annie said...

Again, amazing work. Your site always puts a silly grin on my face!

LifeBloom said...

Hi Su

You are indeed a magician and a rare find. There are not many like you - passionate about their craft and great seeker of knowledge and humble to boot!

I tried contacting you a few months back to order but you did not reply my e-mail - how can we contact you to place orders?

Thanks for responding.

mădălina said...

Absolutely amazing work:)

Mary said...

Those cakes are so beautiful! :) I love all your work!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I like to know what is your min. order for cupcakes eg baby shower and birthdays?


wmw said...

Ipoh Mali gave me a link to your site....the cupcakes are so adorable. You have a great talent!

iGurman said...

Very nice blog. Realy. I am from Slovakia republic. I have also a blog focused on recipes for cooking. See. You need to translate the Google translate

Anonymous said...

Hey Su, I've lurked around your blog for awhile but never yet made a comment but now I just want to say 'Thanks' for inspiring me to learn how to cook! Thanks to the lovely pictures of your creations :) All the best!

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

Thanks guys!! SHe's a little darling huh?
Thanks everyone else who wrote to me as well.. haha I wish I could post everyones email... I'm thinking I should compile my favourite emails in a post one day. hehe

esah: we only have alcohol in our fruitcakes but the rest of our cake flavours are suitable for muslim consumption. Our gelatin is halal too :)

Sara said...

Its a lovely story....